Advantages Natural Way revealed

So many people have reached their career. So many people I talked to, including myself, has had a career that they choose for them by their parents. "Go to school and learn." Or they choose the college, only to make a choice. Then they need a job, so they take the first thing that comes their way. And throughout their careers unfold that way. They move from job to job - as an opportunity present itself, regardless of what they are really good, and what they want to do. It was all secondary. At some point, they find themselves feeling unhappy or dissatisfied. Often they looked around, and saw that many people feel like it. So they just stay where they are. Occasionally across someone who loves their job, and they begin to question why they love they want. 
Where their passion? They still do not know what to do, so they keep doing what they've done. They eventually end up burned out, or just unhappy.From outside, everything looks great. They can be very successful. But inside, they feel something from. They want to enjoy their work, but it takes more than that. They feel happy and very frustrated.They can even get a promotion or bonus. Even if it is not satisfactory, they feel like there is something wrong with them. They should be thankful and grateful. Instead, everything feels empty.What about you? Where you are now, and how you got here? As a certified coach of the story, I am trained to listen to the stories of people know, and to find out what meaning they hold. I like to sift through stories about the achievements of their favorite clients of all their lives, from childhood through today - the things that they are really proud of themselves, and really enjoy the moment. That is where you begin to look for evidence of what you really love to do.If you want to know what you want to do now, a job or career, it is important to start your natural strengths, the things you are trying to do the intuitive and enjoy.If you do not, you can easily end up doing the work that you are doing well, but hostility. People can see you observe your character and suggest things you can do that too. 
For example, I am a little perfectionist, and want to do things well. In my second job out of college, perfectionist nature seen, admired, and as a result, I was offered a position doing quality work GAM. I do not even think about, I'm the one who was so excited as I am, I took the job. And I was good at it. And working to develop another job. And others. And others. The next thing I knew, I had a solid career in Quality Assurance job. I never really loved Quality Assurance. I am just a perfectionist, do not look to cues from my own story. I feel so empty and the burning by the time I finally walked away.However, if you start with your natural strengths, the things that you intuitively trying to do and enjoy, you'll be on your way to finding the career you want. When you use your values, skills, energy and passion, you are guaranteed to flourish! All of this information comes from your personal story of your own life. You are unique and one of a kind. No two people have the same set of strengths, skills, interests, and style. This is what differentiates you from others.

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