Evaluation and Treatment of Alcohol Dependence

DiagnosisMost people know so well that they can better control their drinking habits, or alcohol to control their lives. People feel guilty about their drinking habits can stop the addiction by making slight efforts.Here signs of alcohol dependence: • Feel frustrated when proposed drinking less. • eradication of alcohol can be dangerous even when the consequences (eg, workplace). • drinking alcohol in the morning to tackle the day. • Keep the bottle of wine at home or at work. • Drinking alone or in secret. • Feeling a lack of interest in activities and holiday ever give pleasure.If you think you are at risk of alcohol dependence, or if this is the case for someone dear to you, get help from the resources available to you.Treatment and people PreventionSome severe physical symptoms when they try to refrain from drinking alcohol. Hallucinations and delirium tremens, which is considered toxic symptoms, is actually caused by a sudden silence. People are showing symptoms of alcohol dependence such as fear, confusion, fever and rapid pulse when the drug is no longer in their system. Hospitals and anti-anxiety medications can help reduce the physical effects during the withdrawal phase. 

For most people to quit drinking, the greatest risk is to start drinking again (ie relapse). It is not easy to bring a loved one to seek help for alcohol dependence, because most people deny the problem (rejection is related to the cognitive changes associated with disease). It may be that you have to learn the subject more than once and you have to join your friends and family in discussions to show how much you care. The best way is to approach it calmly manage without launching accusations and focus on supporting the individual. You should mention about certain events and behaviors that cause concern than generally.Know talk with different effective interventions to treat alcohol addiction. Some people are able to change or stop taking it if the person who can be trusted to talk to them about the ill effects of their behavior. Unfortunately, the intervention of family and friends is not enough in most cases.The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may be a possible option. Known for 12-step programs, international organizations can be very useful for many people by personal effort and peer support. For more information, search for phone numbers of AA in your local directory.

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