What non-verbal communication, and How Can It Help Me?

What is Non-Verbal Communication? Non-verbal communication is a method of communication that does not involve talking. The two main areas of written communication and body language. In this article, I will focus on this last language aspect.Body really signals that your body sends when you talk to other people. Usually unconscious - that is, you usually do not realize that you were doing when you're talking or listening. Send them the impression to others your thoughts, and this signal has a huge impact on your overall message to contact others.Why need to know this? I believe that non-verbal communication is important and worth learning about because it can improve your communication with others, and can help you get the information you need or decide you want from you talking to. This can be done in two ways - be aware of your own body language, Body language others.Be realize LanguageWe've know of Others stipulate that it is the group that has sent signals when communicating with others. The reason why it is important to know that what someone says and what someone thinks is not uniform. This is an important point - which is in.Let 's say that you have to ask your boss for a day off, and answer them, can be taken either way "I'll see what I can do. "- Daring to say when it was written. What if, as you say it boss, cover their mouths with their hands and not your turn? 
These signals may indicate they are not committed to your request and can not even think positive about it? The words just seem to have hope, but combined it with body language, it can be a negative result.However, if they look right at you and nod their heads when they said it, it can indicate a more positive response. Maybe there are more opportunities to get what you need or what you are asking them - off.If day you leave the conversation there, you are bound to the response or when the conversation is finished. However, if you are aware of the potential negative body language of your boss' (things like spiral crossed, looking away, covering their faces, etc.), you can continue the conversation and try to steer it into something more positive. You can tell immediately that it leads to your favor, and portability to other things or make them feel more comfortable having off.Be the Aware Of Your Own Body LanguageThe other parts of the non-verbal communication strategies to Realize your own body language. Much written about this topic and benefits, and one of them was able to see and control your own body language signals.Your convey your thoughts - regardless of what you say. Affected the people you were talking to.If someone close to you, ask for advice, you can give your response to it. Your body language, however, tend to show what you think. That his arms crossed, for example, usually defensive signals - if you have arms crossed means you do not agree with something or do not want to do anything. This can affect your communication with a person in a bad way.Being aware of your own body language will allow you not only to see how you really feel about something, but it allows you to take consider a better communicator. 
People will feel more comfortable with you, because they'll tell you what you mean. You are more likely to talk to - like your body language show what you are saying. Actions turn around and face the people, and have a relaxed attitude and comfortable, will increase your conversations and improve the attitude of the people you talk to.There so much more that can be written in the language body. Many books have been written on the subject. I actually read one some time ago, and learned a lot from it that I think it's really improved my communication, because I realized the body language.The two main points of my own and other People from this story is that if you notice signs of signs of non-verbal communication, such as body language, you can be more effective communicator.

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