250,000 jobs at risk from increased air tax

BUSINESS leader claimed the government's plan to hike taxes further flight could cost UK £ 10.6 billion and 250,000 jobs in 2030. In a new report, British Chamber of Commerce supports the position led by Newcastle Airport, which will end, or at least a more equitable system, Air passenger duty. The bill, which the Journal's A Tax Too Far campaign to fight as unfair and detrimental to the economic interests of the North East, has increased by 325% since 2007 and is now up to 8.5 times the European average - adding £ 170 per ticket travel expenses. Commenting on the report, Flying facing jobs and growth: How to aviation policy should be changed to support British business, team director general John Longworth said that although the claim was not anti-aviation, the Government is doing its best to prove otherwise. He said: "In the past year we have seen the government left the air transport white paper widely applauded for its long-term clarity, with their ministers cite the main project cancellations as early success. "But 2010 also saw the announcement that aviation policy fundamentally redrawn and the Government now has a simple choice: he can manage, bold long-term aviation policy that serves our business and enhance the economic recovery or to mark time and meander your way to better results anodyne. "Business English do not believe we have the luxury of time as an aviation policy and the government must act now."

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