The consumer to shape growth for next year

In many cases, the customer has to bear the weight of the global economy over the shoulder for some time. When exposed to extreme volatility of 2011, we can expect the global consumer to keep the power on? asked Andrew Miller. The consumer IS is a key driver of economic growth of a country. The level of involvement and influence consumer vary from country to country, but it still remains a significant contributor to the calculus of the economic output of the country. The interaction between the components of the consumer of the national output and the size of the GDP of a country is clear. Unites The U.S. economy is the world's largest consumer accounting for about 71% of the state's output. The euro zone's second largest economy with consumer accounting for 57% of the collective output. China, the third largest economy, its share of GDP customers standing at around 36%. Given the importance of the consumer in national output, the consumer health tests provide insight into the potentially lucrative economic activity, hopefully in 2012, and by extension what the profitability of company may be derived from this activity. American Consumer Nearly two and a half years after one of the deepest recessions in the history of the country, the consumer will slow recovery of his gentleness. Consumer confidence was battered in 2011 by a series of unfortunate events. However, the sentiment is slowly improving, helped by rising personal incomes will lead to greater consumption. Stores sales figures confirm this trend, as it has increased every month since May. Unemployment remains stubbornly, average of 9.43% since the official end of the recession in June 2009. In November this rate fell below 9% for the first time since March. More news persuading before the labor comes from the size of the faithful: Quit Rate. The rate, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, continue to rise. People tend to quit their jobs if they think they can get another job or have a job to go to, making Signifies good for mobility and the potential health of the labor market.

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