North East export is still growing

North East products worldwide demand despite the global economic downturn, new figures show. -Export from the region continue to rise despite the slowdown in the world economy - with some of these companies are now geared to export to offset a weak market in the UK. However, not all good news. While businesses in the North East did well in the overseas market, many companies claim it is not enough to compensate for the problems facing the UK public sector cut and weak sales. Pictures from the East Chamber of Commerce quarterly economic survey, which looks at different indicators to evaluate the health of the economy of the region. Business barometer of them, made in partnership with Barclays, the survey showed trends towards regional economy measured in 11 separate indicators. Four Quarterly Survey were released, and showed an increase in export and employment, but the decline in trade and investment in the UK. Chamber chief executive James Ramsbotham said: "With a great amount of uncertainty surrounding the global economy at the turn of the year, it is not surprising to see this reflected in most of the business in the last quarter of 2011. "The continued excellent performance manufacturers and exporters of the region may indicate why the North East grew much stronger than the rest of the country, according to regional GVA estimates published in December. "The importance of a healthy manufacturing sector can not be underestimated, but in general, the manufacturers led the recovery of the North East for too long and this imbalance is not healthy. The North East is required to see the UK sales and employment growth in the service sector if we are unable to maintain a strong base of business. ' The Tridonic Emergency lighting manufacturer, which serves 192 people in Spennymoor factory, is one of the expansion of foreign trade to attempt to compensate for the slowdown in the UK market, to export up to 40% of its primary products in Europe and the Middle East. Operations Director Stuart Sloane said: "The UK market is depressed for some time to sense to seek new markets abroad. We opened a successful market in Europe, Middle East and Australia that have proven very profitable. ' Brian Thorpe, head of the North East, Barclays Corporate, said: "Confidence is the key. A large number of businesses are not investing, and while we try to encourage them to do so, many companies prefer to sit on cash understood. "Similarly, until the individual becomes more confident in job prospects, they do not spend. Restoring confidence that it should be our goal for 2012 to protect and strengthen what is still a fragile recovery. '

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