WWII Worth Police gun buyback

Like a scene from "Antiques Roadshow", changed to a woman in Hartford, Connecticut, an old rifle at your local gun buyback police station, only to discover that the gun cost between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000 . The woman, who requested anonymity, inherited his father's gun, which he had brought from Europe to the memory of World War II.

Two officers who made gun buyback, which lies arms expert for the Hartford Police Department, said the owner he had Nazi assault rifle, the first of its kind, built in 1944.

Weapons are called Sturmgewehr 44, literally means "storm rifle", and the first "modern assault rifle ever made, which was replaced with AK-47 Russian in 1947, copied the design German Sturmgewehr 44 "Officer Crabtree Lewis, one of the two officers found the gun, told ABC News.

"It was like finding the love of Ruth card game," said Chairman John Cavanna. "The shortage is, he did it for a short time."

Most people, however, do not rabid gun enthusiasts do not know what role it played in the history of arms.

"If you look at the gun and did not know anything about guns, you think that is rubbish," said Crabtree.

That's just what one may think gun owners, brought him to the station knowing full well that it put the foundry, melt a brick clad steel.

"People put their arms for various reasons," said Cavanna ABC. "They do not have a good way to ensure that they will have children at home, or know how to use it. This is an anonymous way for someone to do the unwanted guns and get them off the road. Then give a gift card of $ 50 or $ 100 for Wal-Mart. '

Crabtree regarding weapons accident stupidity and carelessness. Anonymous gun buyback program designed to prevent people from walking into a potentially dangerous situation with weapons that do not know how to use or work.

Why do women seem to historical rifles.

"Her father died. Guns in the closet, "said Cavanna. "I do not know if it was a machine gun.

"If you load the gun cabinet, any time you can press the wrong level and deep discharge cycle," he said of the Sturmgewehr 44.

This German-made machine gun fire 500 round in a matter of minutes, according to Cavanna, also master a variety of weapons.

By the time the officer got the gun, which was in bad shape so it can run, you can shoot bullets, even if the gun is loaded. Cavanna said the bullet should be made for this gun.

Met the owner of the gun is important artifacts left the police station for safekeeping.

"We have not shot a gun buyback program," said Crabtree. "If we do this as part of the repurchase, we have no choice but to destroy the guns do not want to destroy the weapons ..."

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