The new leader of North Korea rocket polished credentials

North Korea rocket successfully launched on Wednesday, increasing the confidence of the leaders of the new and growing threats isolated and poor countries facing their opponents.

Rocket, said that North Korea is designed to put a satellite in orbit time, is listed by the United States, South Korea and Japan as a test of technology that could one day provide nuclear warheads capable of reaching targets for the continental United States.

"Satellite has entered the planned orbit," North KCNA news agency.

North Korea to follow what it says is the successful launch of both the 2009 nuclear test may encourage the Security Council to strengthen sanctions against Pyongyang, which is the original legislation in 2006 after the first North Korean nuclear test .

State prohibited develop nuclear technology and missile-related under the UN resolution, although Kim Jong-un, the young head of state, who took office a year ago, believes in "the army first" program State established by his late father Kim Jong-il.

Compliance with the launch on Wednesday, which saw the second stage of the rocket splashed into the water off the coast of the Philippines, as planned, the UN envoy to Japan convened a meeting of the Security Council. But diplomats said even harsher sanctions do not seem to agree on the body, such as China, the only major ally of North Korea, is against them.

Rocket was launched just before 10:00 Korean time (09:00 ET Tuesday), according to defense officials from South Korea and Japan, and easily surpassed April launch can not fly in under two minutes.

No independent confirmation put satellites into orbit.

Perhaps Japan's next prime minister, Shinzo Abe, who is leading the polls before the elections of May 16 and made his name as an eagle of North Korea, asking the UN to adopt a resolution "strongly condemns" Pyongyang.

No immediate official reaction to Washington main military support South Korea or China.

China has expressed its "deep concern" at the launch which was announced a day after visiting members of the Politburo in Pyongyang when he met with Kim Jong-un.

On Wednesday, the official Xinhua news agency in China says North Korea has "the right to peaceful exploration of outer space."

But he added: "Pyongyang must also comply with the relevant Security Council resolutions, including resolution 1874, which requires (North Korea) avoided from" any launch using ballistic missile technology and urged " suspend all activities related to ballistic missile program "."

Representative Ileana Ros United States-Lehtinen, Florida Republican who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee quickly condemned the launch and called for tougher sanctions.

"It is clear that Pyongyang is moving ever closer to the ultimate goal of making nuclear ballistic missiles to threaten not only our allies in the Asia-Pacific region, but also in the U.S.," he said.

Said an adviser to the president of South Korea last week that it is unlikely to have a large range of sanctions agreed at the UN, but that Seoul expects the allies to tighten unilateral sanctions.


Kim Jong-un, believed to older than 29 years, took over after his father died on December 17 last year and experts believe that the launch is scheduled on Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of Death.

Launched in April is the time for the centennial anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea and the grandfather of the current ruler.

"This is a great stimulus for the establishment of the rule of Kim Jong-un," said Cho Min, an expert at the Korea Institute for National Unification.

There are some signs of a closed state and the poor, where the UN estimates that one-third of the population is malnourished, made no progress in opening the economy in recent years.

North Korea remains dependent on the export of minerals to China and remittances from tens of thousands of people working on the project working abroad.

Population of 22 million frequent flyers need deserters who fled to South Korea to buy basic medicines.

Given the small size of the economy - per capita income less than $ 2,000 per year - one of the few ways that North Korea attract world attention focuses on a military threat.

Pyongyang wants the United States to resume aid and diplomatic recognition, although the planned launch in April Captain meal deals.

It is believed to be several years away from developing nuclear warheads and to have enough plutonium for half a dozen nuclear bombs, nuclear experts said.

Also North Korea has enriched uranium to provide a second means of nuclear weapons and the huge natural uranium reserves.

He said development is part of a civilian nuclear program, but also a "nuclear power".

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