'Storage Wars' staged, star expelling Claim Request

"Storage Wars" star David Hester said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday he was fired after complaining that reality shows are staged.

In this case, Hester found that the producers of the hit series regular plant E & valuables in the lockers to see the show. Competitors to bid on lockers without knowing what's in them, hoping the forgotten treasures.

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In one case, the complaint alleges, A & E planted many newspapers reported the death of Elvis Presley. In another episode, on demand, mini BMW was found buried under rubble.

A & E spokesman said the network do not comment on pending litigation. This series is the most popular in the history of A & E.

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Pull that requires no Punches, stating that "virtually every aspect of the show is fake, even plastic surgery to one of the female cast members to create more 'sex appeal' for the show ... "He said. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the operation is paid by producers of the series production of the original.

Hester also claim the original case manage the auction by placing bids on behalf of the cast of "poor weak ... financial ability and sense of bidding winners' names Hester jacket A & E and the original production, which also makes. "Storage Wars" spin-off show based in New York and Texas. He said he suffered more than $ 750,000 in damages for what he considered one of his termination.

Hester was represented by a prominent lawyer Marty Singer entertainment, which also represented Charlie Sheen in a legal battle with Warner Bros. TV about his firing from "Two and a Half Men."

Hester is known about "Storage Wars" to become one of the most disciplined bidder. According to his biography A & E, was sentenced to community service at a store kindness after the 2005 DUI conviction. He saw the potential in running and making their own furniture shop in a thrift store.

He is best known for selling art, and simultaneously paid $ 750 for a box many Impressionist paintings including Jack Wilkinson Smith. Sold for $ 155,000, according to your request.

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