Jennifer Aniston showed some serious skin, which may Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston to take risks!

Although we're sure you can not wait to marry her boyfriend Justin Theroux, we are actually talking about his love for the plunging neckline. On Saturday, Aniston stole the show on the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film Gala Tribute 2012 Ed Ruscha and Stanley Kubrick, wearing a black silk dress Tom Ford showed some serious skin. Exhibited in the chest area of ​​his belly, and it looked as confident as ever rocking the look. Maybe some of the confidence that comes from a pure panel that goes from the neck down, avoiding damage embarrassing wardrobe. And, yes, has completed a large rock - a dazzling diamond engagement ring given Theroux summer.

At the party, Aniston seems to have a good chance, look for a camera phone picture of the new mother, the daughter of Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz talked and posed for photos with Salma Hayek.

While certainly revealing clothing choices Aniston is not so unusual for him. For one, it was black and looked like a 43-year signature color for years. Must have a walk-in closet in your home for your LBD, and one for floor length dress they wear black every time you have a big red carpet to walk. He seems to have a black dress in all lengths and cut. We almost wonder if he will jump on the bandwagon of a black dress ...

The former "Friends" also want to plunge neck. This particular dress is actually remind us of the very low-cut black dress Aniston wore to the Golden Globes 2004. Organised jointly by workers at the belt buckle. He also noted in other colors. At the Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute last year, she wore a sequined mini dress Kaufmanfranco with front and back open. Clothing also highlighted her long legs toned and tanned.

Earlier this year, Aniston discussion InStyle fashion. "On the red carpet, it's time for me to start doing something different," he said in March. "I did not play too safe, because I just want to be comfortable. If I can wear a jersey tank falls, I .... I love Christopher Bailey for Burberry. And Tom Ford. I have a skirt, jacket, and shoes, but do not know how to walk in it. I tried! I cut a little heel. Requires a serious force. '

And he was a good friend, your friends open your closet. "I'm kind of clothes hoarder, really," he told the magazine. "I tried to remove the goods. My friends are for cheese and wine and shopping in my closet. I especially love when things get a label on foot. "He also said that about 40 years nothing has changed. "I do not feel my age," he said. "I feel younger every day."

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