Marcus Lattimore injury shows why the four-team playoff college football is quite

College football should be limited to four playoff teams. Reason: Marcus Lattimore.

The South Carolina running back spent my 21st birthday on Monday, check out of the hospital, wondering if the knee injury he suffered terrible damage sleep Saturday NFL.

Forbes estimated Lattimore right knee injury that could cost $ 9 million in revenue in the first four years of professional experience, more if you have had one in the NFL. That should sound an alarm in the landscape of college football as a whole.

Injuries occur in sport, and especially football, but added that the game only increases the likelihood of something happening, so the idea of ​​the eight teams in the playoffs to end here and now. Four playoff teams in college football much higher. One thing more dangerous and unfair to those who do not want the coins paid Lattimore.

In this paper, South Carolina officials are not sure if the disability insurance offered by the NCAA Lattimore. But politics should be only part of the preventive measures. Every single party has added another risk debilitating injury that could leave a future superstar in doubt. The truth is that too often marginalized in the push to a satisfactory conclusion for all college football seasons.

Stars like Lattimore, probably the first round draft pick before the injury, was not paid for 12 games, and will not be paid until 15. Possibly 25 percent more "work" without additional compensation. Considering the millions of players that are at risk of entering the court on Saturday, extending its unpaid internship at best silly, anti-American at worst.

In the summer of that emerging debate on how the game of football is relatively safe for children to play, when former NFL player who came in droves to talk about how many blows to the head that made his life in a hell right now, giving way to the BCS playoffs four teams with almost no debate on the health implications of adding more games. In fact, sign the next generation of football stars for the playoffs was met with almost universal celebration. But as more tolerable risk of knee injuries and bruises when the national title on the line?

Yes, we are talking about just one or two more games for one or two teams, but one or two games is definitely full of career opportunities as rooms away from Lattimore paydays configure them for life. If college football players union, they should add more rubber stamping the game is not so easy.

Think NFL players agreed to two more games for free?

We hear very little opposition to push for student-athletes to play the 14 - and 15-game season, or just a professional, complete with all the same risks involved but less cash compensation. Yes, get the scholarship, but had a scholarship to play the regular season, including a game for the conference title, the same support without thinking or discussions involving representatives of the player.

Lattimore injury occurred during the regular season, but something very similar happened in the national title game. In 2003 BCS championship, Miami Willis McGahee shredded knee ligaments late some losses to Ohio State team. McGahee rehabilitated and has gone on to have a lucrative career in the NFL, but not before the 22 teams that passed on him in the '03 draft, which is expected to enter the top five. McGahee exception that proves the rule - and the risk.

Lattimore will not play in the NFL, and could not play football. Injury - knee sprain - is one of the ugliest in recent history. But this is not an unusual injury. It was a bit of a disaster that can happen in any game, including one that nearly ruined his career McGahee. Strange fantasy football something to avoid 30-brokers like the plague to all football matches is a pound of sand falls through the hourglass so little skill position players career. And as we all want to see Lattimore in the NFL, his surgically repaired foot advanced guard of any NFL GM.

This does not mean that the regular season schedule should be reduced or the playoffs should be abandoned. Player wants to win the title for his school. Lattimore certainly want to win the title in South Carolina most of the time he had prepared. Maybe more. But having won the title four team playoff format.

See this season for testing: not just through November and the remaining four top contenders - Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon and Kansas State. LSU and Georgia are also worth considering, but they are vaccinated against Alabama and possibly each other.

Keep in four playoff teams has led to debate and possibly some frustration. Some teams will certainly be able to rest, like the playoff format of eight teams or teams of 16 or 64 Teamer. The team playoffs leave all sports available. The Tampa Bay Rays, for example, played a rigorous schedule of the Detroit Tigers won the game and not make the playoffs. Things that happen. Tim continues. The program continues. But Marcus Lattimore may not be able to continue.

Next time crying foul on how the system of college football is messed his team, considering what happened two days before her 21st birthday. It is better to spend the rest of our lives wondering what would happen to a hypothetical playoff game with a young talented man to spend the rest of your life wondering what would happen to a career in professional football hypothetical.

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