Britney Spears Lucky Magazine Controversy

Oops ... He did it again! Britney Spears has found herself right in the middle of another controversy that defines the spread of the photos in the December issue of Lucky, which hit the web on Friday.

"The X Factor" judge puts a different computer with the conservative magazine and showed me some of his secrets of fashion - for example, I would not socks. While all seems relatively harmless, there is a big reaction from fans, who complained artist apparently wearing a wig that appears very bad photo retouched.

In the photo, the hairline 30-year-old singer looked less than average and other parts. The texture of her hair looks different - much more complete and less natural looking than when we saw him sitting at the judges' table, prompting rumors that he was wearing a wig or several networks. One fan even tweeted magazine, "I @ BritneySpears even show up for photo shoots or just photoshop his face on the body [?]"

In the U.S., braid Spears Kim Zolciak cry - and we all know that "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star is about the wig.

Fortunate interview, Spears also talked about their problems to deal with acne, but you can not see the marks on the face in the photo. While the magazine is known for retouching, fans found an "extreme" example with some saying he looked "recognizable". His pearly white teeth so you can be the poster girl for the latest tooth whitening products.

Fashion magazines aware critique and discuss the issue on Twitter over the weekend, writing: "Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on our homepage! As always, we will share our team and we told you about a few. '

For Spears, it was silent on the subject. Instead of "The X Factor" and the upcoming campaign for her perfume Fantasy play his tweets. But again, do not have tweeted about the ongoing legal battle with his parents in his dreary former manager, Sam Lufti. People magazine reported that Spears - who remain under the legal control of her father and her boyfriend, Jason Trawick - ". Knowing the test, but did not actually ask "Lufti While living with him in 2007, Spears" I do not remember "a lot", but I knew that he was acting in the best interests. '

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