Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael wants the judge to give custody over his

Michael Lohan conservatorship've see how well it worked for Britney Spears, and now she wants the same for her own daughter famous, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. Except in this case, two children and millions of dollars are not at stake. Fame hungry father tells TMZ he will meet with a lawyer this week to put in place protection force Lindsay into rehab. However, unlike the case of Spears, she does not want to be responsible ... that people will not accuse him of going through the process just to get your money.

According to reports, Michael also want the tutor to ensure that his ex-wife Dina Lohan entire family - including his three sons Michael Jr., Aliana and Cody - require intensive therapy. He said Dina long denied aid, and is a major contributor to the problem of Lindsay. Maybe Michael forgotten his violent past with his ex and their children - but children are not. Ali, a model candidate, said his father by TMZ, "Please stop fighting personnel against my family. We do not need your intervention, because we can not take care of ourselves, we have had in many years. "My young son Michael, Cody, added:" I have fond memories of the father called. It is part of my life, I had to leave my family alone. '

Lindsay, 26, does not seem too worried that her estranged father, who tried to intervene on Friday before he called the police, will convince the judge that he needed protection. "They'll find hard to believe the claim of a person being investigated for insider trading, was arrested for domestic violence on many occasions, arrested for assault, with an arrest for drunk driving, and was in and out of prison and imprisonment for many years ", that" Liz & Dick "actress told TMZ.

This is not the first time that Michael had tried to get her care. In September 2010, met with an attorney to file the proper documentation - but he never had the opportunity to seize as Lindsay goes to rehab (for the fifth time) right after he was court ordered drug test, just a few weeks after stop treatment.

But not all bad news for Lindsay. On Monday, he announced that he was charged with hit and run after he is suspected of reaching a person when driving at Dream Hotel in New York shortly after midnight on September 19. Even actor was arrested for the incident, the prosecutors felt that video surveillance does not serve as evidence that actually make contact with a pedestrian.

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