'Iron Man 3': First look at Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin

Entertainment Weekly shared the first photo of Sir Ben Kingsley as the evil Mandarin dress in "Iron Man 3". Kingsley, known to play a (very) nice Gandhi, an error occurred in a major way to the success of next summer.

As bad comic book, The Mandarin has a rather complicated history. According to the official website of dazzle, who was born in China in 1920 and raised by her aunt after the death of their parents. But not like Peter Parker, The Chinese route of bad boy. Having ousted from power after the Chinese communist revolution, went about looking for another unbeaten way. He found it in an old space is equipped with ten mystical ring. Not surprisingly, did not use the ring forever.

"Iron Man 3" The Mandarin background gives a different story. Kevin Feige, president of marvel studios, EW said: "A lot of this movie is about a character who returns the shadows for many reasons and those who have lived in the shadows which come to light and, for the first time , is Tony. [Stark], for various reasons, which receded into darkness. No I mean the emotional darkness, I mean completely avoiding light. And we see other characters intensified string extracted from the ground, began to show their hands. '

The decision to launch the Kingsley as the villain of Chinese descent who raised a few eyebrows, but the filmmakers sought to quell any controversy makes it more multi-cultural. "It's more about a particular ethnic symbolism and iconography of other cultures which perverts for their own end," Feige told EW.

There is another issue that bears asking: Will moviegoers will come down to see the man who won an Oscar for playing Gandhi crack the home of Tony Stark? Tells us something they. As an expert at stake Kingsley good, it might be better to play villains. And he knew it. He expressed his desire to play the bad guy in front 007. "I want to know, in this program, loud and clear, that I should embrace my arms in five Bond villain," Kingsley said on the radio a few years ago.

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