CEN Game 7: Never give back to classic caps 9-0 Giants victory over the Cardinals

Score and situation: They may have been using the route (and wet), the most painful to get there, but the San Francisco Giants mental torture head back to the World Series. A game 9-0 to defending champion St. Louis Cardinals in Game 7 of the CNE on Monday night the Giants won the classic date the Detroit Tigers and led the team to 6-0 record in elimination games this postseason. Final out is the way the rain fell in AT & T Park and ends in the right way as Matt Holliday in Game 2 out Marco Scutaro implementing partners.

The Giants are a team of 11 in playoff history to overcome a 3-1 deficit in a seven-game series and the first since the 2007 Boston Red Sox come back to beat the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. (St. Louis fans should be familiar with broken hearts as the Cardinals in 1996, '85 and '68 also blew a 3-1 series lead when the loss occurs ..)

Leading lads: Scutaro ended his presentation series MVP with a 3 for 4 night and led the Giants every bend rows of starters at least one hit. Brandon belt put an exclamation point on the whole thing, launched a moonshot home run to right field in the bottom of the eighth inning

Giants starter Matt Cain numbers were not spectacular, but right-hander's exactly what he should do, scratch and deploy four hits and walking five in 5 2/3 blank the innings baseball life. Four relievers - Jeremy Affeldt, Santiago Casilla, Javier Lopez and Sergio Romo - then took the team to the other side of the house.

The Head Hangers (Getty Images) Kyle Lohse many questions for the Cardinals this season, but the free agent who bombed in what could be his last start for St. Louis. The 34-year-old right-hander allowed five earned runs and has not recorded a third inning before getting interesting. The back almost six relievers fared better, but it makes no difference to the Cardinals sent breaking the plate. St. Louis shut for the second time in three games and scored only one run in the sixth defeat of his party.

St. Louis rookie shortstop Pete Kozma has had a bad night, breaking the wrong way on a major play, so a bad shot at another house and went 0-3 with two strikeouts at the plate.

Key play: Hunter doubled counterfeit pens clumsy Kozma and took home a total of three times to start a five-run third inning.

Interesting statistics: Although CEN go seven games, offered only a change of leader and when Matt Carpenter reached a two-run homer in the bottom third in Game 3. San Francisco San Luis outscored 27-2 in four wins, while St. Louis beat San Francisco 17-8 in three victories.

What they are talking about: How to keep the Giants doing it? They overcome 2-0 in the division series to beat the Cincinnati Reds, and now have a 3-1 comeback against the St. Louis Cardinals. This is the first Game 7 victory in Giants postseason history. The collapse stung for Cardinals fans, despite the bitter feelings eventually soften the appearance of the title in 2011 World Series DVD and a great organization that makes frequent trips postseason.

What's next: The Giants meet the Detroit Tigers at AT & T Park for Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday. This is the second time in three years that the Fall Classic will start in San Francisco.

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