Skinny Minnie Mouse by protest

High-end fashion retailer Barney's New York planning a Christmas advertising campaign featuring Minnie Mouse and Daisy. At least, I think that Minnie - the version of Barney, Disney icons like sticks dressed.

Ad campaign, called Electric Holiday, which focuses on the dream sequence in which Minnie Mouse fantasizes about what it is for him and his friends as a fashion model. All this is pretty standard Minnie not imagine him being skinny than Olivia.

Other Womenswear Daily reported decision to make skinny Minnie and company executives deemed necessary Barney. Creative Director Dennis Freedman said: "When we reached the point where all of the Disney characters walking in the airport, no discussions. The Minnie Mouse dress standards are not good at Lanvin. There are times when silence is real, because the character does not change. He said: "If we want to do the job, we have to have a Minnie 5-foot-11, 'and they agreed. When you see Goofy, Minnie and Mickey, channel models. '

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TV Guide reports that celebrities such as Oscar-nominated Virginia Madsen and Disney heir Abigail Disney is talking about the campaign. Madsen Twitter: "Barney: Let alone Minnie Mouse" and attached to the petition. More than 125,000 people signed a petition on asking Barney did not proceed in the display window and "Minnie Mouse figure to return to normal."

Petition the mention of the need for women to have a positive body image. Claim author, Ragen Chastain, who wrote: "There is nothing wrong with a tall thin woman with wrong changes character beloved son body, so it looks great in a dress that hardly anyone looks good on - except in rare. pressure on girls and young women to reach Photoshop (right) perfect. '

Press release from Barney said: "Minnie and Mickey transported to a fantasy world where they change from their traditional way of Disney in a dream-like models for fashion airport, and join in on the catwalks of Paris for five other models evocative of iconic Disney characters: Goofy, Daisy, Snow White, Princess Tiana and Cruella de Vil ".

The campaign was announced a few months ago, but demand is now attracting the attention of new Minnie (but temporary) appearance. Fans can see the tracks Minnie and the company on the 14th November at the very first store in Barney in New York.

Update: Nidia Tatalovich, spokeswoman for Disney, sent a joint statement on behalf of the New Barney in New York and The Walt Disney: "We are very sad that activists repeatedly tried to to a campaign amongst the Christmas lights to attract media attention in their own right. They deliberately ignored previously published information clearly promotes following video focuses on 'Art in Motion' traditional three-minute shows Minnie Mouse in a dream sequence in which to go to Paris, a short walk dreams as a model airport , and then wake up when it returns to normal happy to show the same fashion designer clothing. '

The Tatalovich also explained that the thin Minnie appeared only as part of the video, and not part of the window. ". The only place interpretive version of Disney characters make appearances in the video art movement, 3 minutes and just short at number seven seconds "Tatalovich added:" At the end of the video, Minnie appears in the normal form using classic designer Lanvin clothing itself in order dreams. '

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