Romney calls Obama all over the map "in a debate on foreign policy

President Barack Obama described the governor as rival Mitt Romney "across the map" and experience in national security issues in the third and final presidential debate of the election night Monday in Boca Raton, Florida each candidate trying to paint the other Whenever a credible commander in chief, but Romney's performance is more aggressive than Obama, and governors are often defensive stocks 90 minutes.

"I know that we are not able to conduct foreign policy effectively, but when you offer your opinion, you are mistaken," Obama said, referring to Romney's initial support for the war in Iraq.

Critics of President Romney hard, and landed a few well-placed zingers. "The Cold War 20 years ago," Romney said in response to comments earlier this year that Russia is the main enemy of American geopolitics.

Then he said, "Well, Governor, we also have a few horses and bayonets" in response to criticism that Romney U.S. Navy Unless vessels in the past. "We have these things called mothership, where we landed the plane. The boat goes underwater submarines, nuclear power, "however, the President, the cynical nature of his voice.

Romney often went to internal affairs and the economy, including the large number of Americans in poverty, education records of Massachusetts, and plans to reduce the deficit and create jobs.

On foreign policy, Romney criticized Obama not how it manages to kill U.S. ambassador Libya Chris Stevens, an issue that was raised in the town hall style debate last week. Instead, Romney said that the Middle East is the "noise" and "emotion", and suggested that Obama's strategy to kill the leader of Al Qaeda in drone strike was not enough to achieve stability in the region.

"We can not kill our way out of this mess," said Romney. "We'll have to implement a comprehensive and strong to help the world ... Islam and other parts of the world reject the radical extremist violence, certainly not [is] to execute. '

Romney criticized Obama for what he described as an "apology tour" in the Middle East, he expects the weakness in other countries. "The President of what I started touring apology call to go to the Middle East and Latin criticize. I think I look and see the flaws, "Romney said. Obama calls this the "big deal" and criticized Romney for fundraising trip to Israel. "When I went to Israel as a candidate, I take a donor," said Obama. "I did not attend the fundraiser I went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum there, remind us of the nature of evil and why our bond with Israel is solved ..."

Except for the shooting, the candidates seem to agree on many key foreign policy issues, including the use of drone attacks to kill people who believe terrorists, tough sanctions against Iran (although Romney said sanctions should be more stringent) and strategies to avoid military intervention in Syria.

After Romney seeks to avoid the details of how it relates to civil war in Syria is different from Obama, the President replied: "What have you heard Governor Romney said he has different ideas."

Obama and Romney are statistically tied to voters in recent polls, with Romney to take the president on the strength of his performance in the first debate in Denver. In foreign policy, in particular, Obama took on Romney, the two digits only a few months ago, has been reduced to just four points, according to a recent survey by the bank.

Americans believe President Obama lost the first debate in Denver by a historic margin numbers and Romney in the polls came after a good performance there. When candidates met for a rematch at Hofstra University on Long Island last week, Obama seemed firmer, and polls show that is considered a narrow night instant winner.

Remains to be seen how this debate will provide "bounce" for any of the candidates in the final weeks of the campaign. Voters say the economy and jobs that really are the most important in this election.

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