Nick Hill’s Spartan tattoo sets the standard for college football ink

Tattoo can be a dangerous combination . I still think we are all trying to figure out what Alabama quarterback (and the new MVP of the BCS Championship Game) AJ McCarron was thinking when he became famous tattoo on his chest.

However, red shirt Michigan State runner Nick Hill, students officially set the standard of tattooing throughout the college football players now on trial.

Hill of the design is simple. This is a Spartan directly from the film "300" and goes a long hill right oblique. Spartan is a threat helmet, shield, spear, shield and armor of the chair. Despite the cloud as a little accent to any look very artistic. The problem is that cost a fortune, because the details are very well to the decor of the armor of the chair. It is also very painful.

This really is a thing of beauty and tattoo place Jerel Spartans deserve shame. I feel like all Michigan players should be required to tattoo in harmony.

I think it's reasonable to assume that Hill, a team back up with the speed to run to the spring, has no plans to transfer more and Michigan State.

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