Buffett to Republicans: if you pay, so will I

Washington / BOSTON (Reuters) - Warren Buffett wanted to put the money where your mouth is, if only the Republican Congress have joined him.

U.S. billionaire investor in the new issue of Time magazine, said it offered $ 1 pays part of the national debt for every dollar sought by Congressional Republicans. The only exception is the Republican leader Mitch McConnell Senate - of which Buffett said the U.S. $ 3 to $ 1.

The idea arose from the opinion column written by New York Times last August Buffett who said that the rich should pay more taxes. It immediately set off a debate, with some conservatives in Washington called the 81 years that the "Oracle of Omaha" to voluntarily pay more.

McConnell said at the time that Buffett feels "guilty" on the payment of the tax rates are very low, which should be followed immediately by the introduction of this bill to give taxpayers "send a check . "A selection of tax forms to make voluntary contributions.

"It restores my faith in human nature to think that people have been in Washington all this time and not so cynical to think that can not be resolved by voluntary contributions," said Buffett asked for time for an item for sale on Friday .

That the second McConnell suggested that the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has had to expand to offer adequate for President Barack Obama and his Democrats.

"Senator McConnell said Washington should be smaller than tax increases. And for some, like President Obama and Buffett wants to pay more taxes, Congress has made it possible to cheat on their own and send a check, "said Don Stewart, McConnell Deputy Chief of Staff.

"So I hope to match Buffett's lots of healthy controls of those who really want to pay higher taxes, including congressional Democrats, the president and the Democratic National Committee," he said.

Strikes became voluntary payment of higher taxes for the rich and the extension of payroll tax relief for middle class America will become an increasingly controversial issue of the presidential race of 2012. Obama is trying to paint Republicans support only the wealthy, while Republicans tried to make the president based on tax increases to finance the extra spending.

Buffett said in an interview at the time that America needs a tax system that favors people who are not born of investors.

"We need a tax system that would take good care of people who just really are not so well adapted to the market system and capitalism, but these things are only as good citizens, and in doing so is used in society," he said.

Buffett, who raised money for President Barack Obama recently, also has a swing at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in the Time interview, Gingrich criticized the edit history and relationships of Romney for the private company katarungan.

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