New snake in Tanzania: 'Fierce, probably venomous'

Kenya (AP) - The business world in the last scale threat are looking yellow and black, dull green eyes and two sharp front. And bears the name of a woman 7 years.

Matilda Snorkack Viper on a small portion of southwestern Tanzania for almost two years and last month the introduction of world's most popular species of snake in Zootaxa problems.

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Tim Davenport, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society in Tanzania, is the team of three persons in the Cobra. Thanks to his daughter, the snake will always bear the same family name.

"My daughter, five at a time, he was fascinated by it and used to spend time watching the love and help us take care of it," Davenport told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "We call it the Cobra Matilda at the time ... and then leave your name. "

Only three poisonous snakes in Africa recently discovered in the last three decades, so a rare and valuable find. Wildlife Conservation Society does not reveal exactly where the snake lives to trophy hunters can not hunt.

Davenport said he was not sure how many live in the wild due to the snake as hard to do. Twelve live in captivity and that the expected increase.

Davenport, a British citizen who has lived in Tanzania for 12 years, said that although many people are afraid of snakes, mostly harmless and help keep down the number of rats. Matilda the snake with horns can grow to 2 feet (65 cm) or larger, he said.

"This particular animal is strong and can be toxic (although the snake bite is not fatal Bush)," said Davenport AP via chat. "However, the animal is actually a very quiet and not aggressive. I have one of a number of occasions. "

Wildlife Conservation Society runs the Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo in New York, and Davenport said it was "good choice" to reflect the new snake with horns in one place, but has not been decided.

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