Mavericks’ Delonte West: ‘I’m banned from going to the White House’

Ang yourself a visit to the White House on Monday, every champion in 2011, gave an interview with President Barack Obama, along with a new edition in the 2011-12 NBA components. All but a maverick, often misunderstood guard Delonte West.

West, a high-profile arrests of more than two years under the influence of prescription drugs, is "forbidden" (to use his words) the safety equipment set foot in the White House after President normal controls run the bottom of the guards.

Dwain Price, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Mavericks win the West next appointment on Saturday night:

"I am forbidden to go to the White House, so I will not do,''West said after a night 96-81 victory over the Hornets in New Orleans." But I'll be back in DC, I can go to the White House. That's what happens when you make bad decisions in your life. You can not go to the White House.''

I have 100 times in my life,''said West, who was born in Washington DC "I live in the corner. I live in Washington DC would be a pity not the president have the opportunity to meet me. I am president of my house.''

Strange confession, written comes in what appears to be a night that seemed to drive the West, who then went to a Twitter tirade sessions with reporters Dallas. Tweet bad, already eliminated, you can see here. Why Cavaliers West Akron Beacon Journal previously aimed writer Brian Windhorst beat (someone who covers the west, apparently without incident for two years), who now writes for ESPN and the Mavericks game on Saturday, is beyond me.

As is the case because he entered the NBA in 2004, the West will remain the starting point guard the caliber of the good can certainly put a good team - like the NBA - in it. But even when the mood tends to swing their medication, and constantly reminded of their past mistakes of not much help. Journalists can not ask for the resignation, however. Especially when left alone rebel strike on board a bus at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Monday.

Now step back and let what is almost certainly a strange comment in the history of the Internet dito.

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