Fans Debate New Britney Spears Photo–Altered Or Not?

Britney document.Cancel Spears has ended 2011 on a high note, what the success of mega-tourism femme fatale and a proposal for a long time boyfriend Jason Trawick in December. In the upcoming issue of V Magazine, the stars talk about the tour and pose with a professional team, providing excellent reviews of the "second family" her.

It seems, however, Spears is not standing goodwill in a special article. A commentary in the Daily Mail today took the pictures that accompany supervision, highlighting how quickly Spears seems thin for this particular run.

"Obviously, he works regularly in an effort to bring health and hope to see," said the Daily Mail today wisely.

Fan, however, is more subtle about it, with a large number of comments that were shot clearly manipulated. Sample: "Dillon photoshopped" "It's head on another person's body," "Even Ray Charles could see a 'cut and paste" a horrible job to be done to Britney. ";

Spears looks quite finished on this day, so it does not like shots of V is a major disruption of normal appearance - at least weightwise. Figure weird, though. Compare for yourself - here is Spears in September, only a short time after the session V was reported to have occurred.

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