Virginia Republicans condemn graphic of a zombie Obama shot in the head

Republicans in Virginia to strongly condemn Halloween-themed graphics circulated by the local Republican committee Monday that President Obama is like a zombie with a gunshot wound to the head.

Number is displayed in a mass email sent to supporters of the Loudoun County Republican Committee is invited to a Halloween party. Images are displayed in the headers of messages, including photos of the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi damaged, and many flesh-hungry zombies supporting Obama.

Obama's image, with a gunshot wound with blood over his right eye, was first reported Monday by too conservative blog in Virginia right political leaders accused of Loudoun County Republicans went "too far".

Another top Republican in the country quickly agreed.

"Figure nice used today in mass e-mail has no place in our politics," says Pat Mullins, the Virginia Republican Party chairman, said in a statement to the press, the Washington Post Anita Kumar. Party, he said, "condemned the images and their use in the strongest possible terms."

Meanwhile, Virginia Governor Bob O'Donnell, through a spokesman, called the graph "outrageous and offensive" and asked the Commission to ask for forgiveness.

"The governor has always stressed the need for civility and respect which is greater than our politics," said McConnell spokesman Tucker Martin. "There is e-mail as it undermines the purpose, offended all of Virginia and undermine our political process. It will not be tolerated. "

Loudoun County Republican Party Chairman Mark Sell said in an e-mail to The Associated Press Bob Lewis graph is an attempt "to inject humor fun taunt to a Halloween party.

"Apparently, some people have interpreted the image Barack Obama appears in the email as an attempt to describe the president as a victim of violent crime," writes Sale. "Nothing could be further from the truth, and fully and sincerely apologize to the President and anyone who saw the picture if it is the impression left behind."

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