Lawyer: Cain accuser wants to be allowed to talk

Washington (AP) - A lawyer for one of two women who allegedly accused the Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s, said Tuesday he has asked former employers to give up the deal and allow him to speak publicly about the complaint them.

Joel P. Bennett, a Washington lawyer who specializes in employment cases, said in media interviews that his client wanted the National Restaurant Association to release confidentiality to respond Cain said that the accusations were "completely unfounded and untrue. "

A spokesman for the restaurant association, Sue Hensley said Tuesday that the group has not been linked by Bennett. Cain, a Georgia businessman best known as the former CEO of Godfather Pizza, is the head of the association at the time of the complaint.

Bennett told The Associated Press that he had more to say after he met with his client on Wednesday. In an interview on CNN Tuesday night, said his client is behind. "I know very well," he said, "and I'm sure not going to make a false report."

The New York Times reported Tuesday that the National Restaurant Association gave workers a year salary severance, $ 35,000, he said after meeting with Cain his work was not comfortable there. The newspaper quoted three people with knowledge of the payments to the woman, who was a client Bennett.

One of the opponents of Cain, vice Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, seems to attack Cain when he met Tuesday night with his followers in a Baptist church in Marshalltown, Iowa

Although not mentioned by name Cain, standing in the pulpit, Bachmann said: "This year we had no surprises with our candidates, we have a candidate who would know, when we took office. We can hope for a list of what they do and what they are. "

Cain, meanwhile, spent the entire Monday Tuesday he is, going from interview to interview to defend himself. There is a time for politics, too: he met with Republican senators on Tuesday night at a restaurant near the Capitol, as part of a strategy to meet and greet members of parliament who support you are looking for.

Cain contradictory explanations - who also denied that his story has changed - raised questions about the details of cost and current capacity to manage crises in the national spotlight. Costs have emerged as increases in national polls in the struggle for the Republican nomination two months before the Iowa caucuses leadoff hitter.

He said Tuesday night on Fox News that he believes there are some Democrats who want him defeated because he is an unconventional candidate "to achieve some unexpected, unconventional," and can get some right "to not me because I'm not a candidate the establishment. "

Cain, who is black, said he believes the race that also involved, he added "but we have no evidence to support it.": "Relative to the left, I think race is a bigger factor than I do not think that is factor on the right .. "

In the original report on Sunday night, by politicians, at least two women who complained Cain said they have agreed to settlements that include provisions not repeated his allegations in public.

Cain answered the questions of growing a series of interviews with the media this week causing rival campaign that shows that it is not upfront about the costs.

"If you are the favorite and will be a candidate ... Promptly investigated, and not get into a situation where our candidates and the things we learned after the fact, "said John Brabender, a campaign strategist Rick Santorum, a forum organized by the National Journal. "We are awaiting clarification from Cain campaign."

Cain said that instead of hurting the allegations, fundraising actually grew - "was the highest since I've been into this campaign," he told Fox News.

The campaign started up to U.S. $ 400,000 per day, said Mark Block, Cain, chief of staff.

Cain debilitating debate in Iowa and beyond? Iowa Governor Terry Branstad was willing to listen to the candidates out.

"Iowa is a pretty fair and the people just because someone makes a stand - nobody in high profile positions it is possible that people make allegations like that," Branstad said. "I think Iowans, you know, look carefully at the real situation and did not arrive at any conclusion."

In two days, Cain admitted that he knew a deal between the restaurant association and a woman who accused him of sexual harassment. He said that he had initially asked for a large financial settlement, but eventually received 2-3 months of salary as part of the separation agreement. Caine also recognized remember one of the charges against him woman, said she approached him to make reference to his height, and said it was the same height as his wife.

He said he did not know the agreement or arrangement with another woman, but politics - which was first revealed allegations - a trade group reported a settlement with at least two employees who accused him of sexual misconduct.

In addition, Cain offers a series of sometimes contradictory statements about what is happening and not happening, and what he knew about financial compensation.

On Tuesday, Cain chalking semantic confusion, saying that he is aware of the "deal", but not the "solution".

"It seems that he has changed my story," Cain told CNN. "I have not changed my story."

Realizing that this is exactly the problem worsened during the last days.

On Tuesday night, saying, "I fully agree it may be more ready. Mea culpa to be better prepared. "

On Monday, the first Cain said he had no knowledge of the settlement in every woman who complained of inappropriate sexual behavior. He later admitted that he knew the deal.

Damage control for the test of real-time crisis management of the introduction of the candidate countries themselves and by campaigning on his decades of business management experience including teaching at Godfather Pizza, Pillsbury, Coca-Cola and the Department of the Navy.

In an era of unemployment 9.1 percent, Cain is the same pitch as traders who could solve the problem.

He took the heat for the management of the campaign, insisting that the lack of personnel in the early voting states of only the conventional approach as well as former employees complained about the candidate without a plan. Today, the approach to solve their own political situation has raised questions about how the crisis management as the country's president.

"Where are the problems encountered," change the story? Because when the story changes, people equate that with guilt, "says Eric Dezenhall, who runs a crisis communications firm more efficient. "The act of change itself may indicate that there is a problem."

"The contrast is good news, and how to touch someone who says competition is to bring something that he says is not true that competition is a ghost," says Dezenhall.

Cain committed to surround himself with a professional if elected president.

"Part of being a leader surrounded yourself with good people and that's what I do," he said during a recent rally in Alabama, explaining that he believed Candidate should be expert in all areas of policy to be a good president.

However, because of allegations of abuse became public, staff Cain contributed to the conflicting accounts - even offering a flat denial that there is no factual basis for the story.

Furthermore, the personnel manager Mark Block is an attorney to investigate whether the charity he founded, U.S. prosperity, giving the wrong goods and services Fabrics presidential campaign earlier this year.

Allegations of abuse, Cain initially told the AP he could not recall the details of the allegations. Hours later, he admitted a complaint from an elderly woman.

Tuesday, she relates lapses in memory to be under pressure in a day of media appearances.

"After 12 hours in the day, many events, many interviews, I was able to recover gradually more details about what happened 12 years ago," he said. "I was given the opportunity to think about it for a day before he was forced to begin to answer the question."

Politics began to ask Cain said the cost of the campaign October 20 to 10 days before the article was published on Sunday.

Cain said Monday it has also given the naJustify Fullme of a political campaign with a second woman, Politico reported, also received a settlement after complaining of improper sexual relationship with Cain.

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