10 Things Not To Say to Your Childfree Friends

Parenting can have a major impact on friendship. However, you can keep your link - with some insight into the views of the childless.

By Jillian Mackenzie

My girlfriend and I do not know if we have kids - but in recent years, most of our friends who have taken risks. At that time, I learned some things about how to maintain the strong ties of friendship when they have both parents. Here are 10 things that do not tell your friends without children.

1. "When you finally have kids?"

If you have children, you want your friends to share the experience. But please, do not ask difficult questions around the table at Thanksgiving dinner or a baby shower. While many people are happy without children or wait, maybe the situation is more complicated. A friend may face infertility, a position that torture is a partner who does not want children, or vice versa, in a complex struggle over this issue. Bringing in private with close friends, or wait to share with you.

2. "We always wanted a family."

If you used the phrase "non-family" means "having a child," without realizing it, the message that people with no children ... family-less. Families come in many forms, significant others, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors - fortunately, the list is endless!

3. "I just invited other parents."

Having children is the norm, and people without children can sometimes feel isolated or excluded. So we invited to a birthday party! Sure, there are some people who simply do not want children and have no desire to spend the night surrounded them. You can decline the invitation, and the rest of us are happy when the birthday boy took the first bite of the cupcake.

4. "Are you hung over?"

If you have children when they are younger side, you may suddenly gone from being out in bars and night Yo Gabba Gabba nursing - and a few years later, you can assume that we are still acting as if two decades are crazy self. But the fact of not having children does not mean they do not grow.

5. "You're so lucky you can sleep in / store / travel."

We understand that giving up the most incredible his father - and we appreciate the extra money and free time, and God himself to sleep. But many casual remarks like this make us feel like the reason is that no children are lazy, selfish or shallow. This decision is not easy.

6. "We have birth control for you."

Parents often make the joke is when your child has severe or persistent, and we understand that because they are worried about this situation is annoying the hell out of everyone around you. Do not stress - a good friend who understand that their child has a seasonal crisis. We can pick it up. And, of course, the cry of a young child is not really a key point in our decision to have children. We are not narrow minded.

7. "Your dog / cat / parakeet was his baby."

Animals are an important part of the lives of many people, whether or not people have children. But feels like a consolation prize when he was getting well. That said, asked about my cat, I'm happy to take my picture on your new adorableness.

8. "I can not die, I am a mother."

For terrorism to scare little short in New York, friends told me: "I need to go -. I can not die, I am a mother, "We know you have someone who depends on you so you have never happened, but there are people who love and depend on us.

9. "Sorry it takes forever to call / email / text you back."

Do not start any letter with an apology. His life was crazy and said we'd have time for us to be appreciated. But not as much stress: My life is very busy, and more often than not, they do not understand late.

10. "You would not understand."

We know that there are many things about the paternity of her child would be friends with her mother to talk about. And frankly, nobody but friends, it is probably better - I lost interest quickly when someone can not speak well of their children. However, when these are real friends, do not let our relationship fade because they are afraid of boring things with parents. As we listened to talk about your ex, you know what is important in your life now. And we hope to do the same for us.

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