Is Harold Camping quitting the prediction business?

You can say that Harold Camping: As a great leader, who held himself responsible.

Radio preacher said to have resigned as head of the Association of Family Radio, having incorrectly predicted the coming of the rapture, where Christians are lifted to heaven, twice in the past month.

Camping predicted the rapture would happen 21 May "beyond the shadow of a doubt." That was the first foray into the media caused hubbub recent assessment, spreading the word of time waiting for calculating the earth in many places, causing Some people believe it to start making preparations.

When the big day came and went without incident, Camping suffered a stroke. Later, he revised the prediction, said the group site, it is only a spiritual trial, which took place in May, and that the rapture will take place October 21.

Four days after this last prediction does not pan out, the group was deprived of notice from your website, which shows that it takes advantage of the prediction business. And Brandon Tauszik, a documentary filmmaker who attends the church of Camping for eight months, in The Christian Post that Camping said that the repeal.

Tauszik cabin also said it has changed his opinion about whether it is possible to predict the exact date of doomsday. Now he emphasizes the importance of always prepared for the trial of the Lord.

Many believers doubt the truth of camping all the time. The first time I predicted the end of the world in 1992, saying it will come in 1994.


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