Perry once defended Confederate symbols

Austin, Texas (AP) - Eleven years ago, when the NAACP has increased the organization's campaign to remove the battle flag of the state legislatures and other government buildings throughout the South, finding that the opponent Rick Perry.

Texas has a pair of bronze plaque with the symbol of the Confederacy is shown in the Supreme Court building in the country. Perry, then lieutenant governor, said they should stay, arguing that the people of Texas "we must not forget our history."

It is the consistent position taken when Perry appointed Civil War heritage, because many officials from other countries of the former partners. However, although the organization of defense of South symbols and political institutions may still be far below the Mason-Dixon line, the subject may appear in a different light when officials of seeking national office.

For Perry, now the governor of Texas for 11 years and the level of Republican presidential candidate, the issue of race is lurking.

He took the criticism in recent weeks by the stones without the camp his family once a Texas hunting lease Niggerhead name painted it. Perry campaign said the governor's father, was painted on a stone to block the name as soon as it began renting the place in the 1980's and Perry said the family is not controlled, owned or managed property properties. But his rival Herman Cain, the only black Republican in the race, said that the symbol of racial insensitivity stone against Perry.

Relevant issues may increase this fall if Texas decides whether to allow a special plate that displays the flag of the association. These plates are required by the children of the Veterans Association, a nonprofit organization supported Perry in recent years. A commission appointed by stating that he will decide.

The NAACP said the action against the "glorification" symbol of the slave states remained constant. "The romance of the Old South," said Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP office in Washington. "This is a view of history that ignores how racism became a tool to maintain the supremacy and domination systems."

Perry spokesman Mark Miner campaign did not respond to messages seeking comment on the matter. However Granvelle block Texas Division Commander children of veterans, said he appreciated the Association's position on these issues Perry.

"It gave me a great compliment to say," said Block. "Respect for his ancestors, is something that the Bible teaches."

Association of the battle flag is a prime target for the NAACP. The Association called for a boycott of South Carolina in 2000 to fly a banner over its Statehouse. State Capitol flag warning has been moved. In 2003, Georgia changed the state flag, which is usually contrary to the organization, combined with other elements of the previous state flag. Other agencies to reduce the view of the organization's assets. The University of Mississippi Colonel retired as mascot for the rebels in the field.

In January 2000, the Texas NAACP asked the association to remove the battle flag of the plate on the door of a building in the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, saying it undermines the notion of equality justice. One 11-inch by 20 inch bronze plaque with the seal of the Confederacy and other images of the battle flag and a quote from Genesis organization. Robert E. Lee.

Perry wrote to the children of veterans association in March 2000, "although it is an emotional issue, I know that I oppose efforts to remove the monument of the association, the board and the memories of public ownership of the property. "

"I also believe that society must decide if the statues or memorials are appropriate for their communities," Perry wrote in the letter, one of many obtained by The Associated Press in requests for public information. "I believe that Texas must remember the past and learn from it."

He added: "We must not forget our history, but in the 19th century brought the necessary attention to our future in the 21st century."

Perry described the public on the subject, saying: "I think there's a slippery slope when you start to say we will begin to take note of any plaque or a monument."

Not only prominent plaque defense of Texas. The then governor. George W. Bush ran for president, initially said they should stay, but then backtracked and authorized the Public Service Commission to replace the motherboard before you say with equal justice available to all Texans, "regardless of race , creed or color. "

Floor rotunda of the Texas Capitol still bear the seal of the Confederacy, and statues in the area of ​​Lee commemorate the soldiers and organizations. But civil rights organizations on the battle flag is a symbol of the most desirable.

Public officials in Texas and other southern states, is called periodically to honor organizations that are relevant is that the organization mark the anniversary. Block said that the children of veterans of the association was founded in 1896 and 2500 members statewide. It also allowed the children of Texas Division of the Confederate States.

In a letter in 2005, Perry was well received by participants of the advantages in the hands of the sons of veterans' associations. "By learning about the past," he wrote, "We honor the memory of our parents and contributions, and appreciate the people and events leading up to this point." Great-grandfather David H. Hamilton fought at Gettysburg Perry knee in the First Texas Infantry.

Two years later, Perry received the "Message from the Governor" honor Lawrence Sullivan "Sul" Ross repeated what his 169. She says the services of Ross' association as a brigadier general, twice governor of Texas and president of what would become Texas A & M University, called it "one of the best on our shoulders is that of today in Texas "Veterans Association of children to maintain a scholarship fund in honor of the University of Ross" - despite allegations that Ross behind the killing of black POWs in Mississippi ..

Currently, the Association of block you wish to flag boards licensed association to raise money for the association of markers of Graves army. "I know some people this is a problem," he said. "But our goal is to honor our ancestors and to educate the public about the true cause of war."

State Department of motor vehicles tied 4-4 in the Council in April by a vote of its members, Ramsay Gillman of Houston, was not present. Gillman died and then Perry has chosen the newly appointed Raymond Parker Jr. of El Paso.

Palacios refused to comment on this issue. Members may not vote on the board at least until November 9. A similar request for the children of the veterans' association was rejected two years ago, but the criteria for expansion, opening the door for approval at this time. Texas has approved 276 special dishes.

Perry did not comment. "It's a matter before the council," said Lucy Nash, a spokesman for the governor's office.

Matt Glazer, executive director of Progreso, Texas, a group of left-leaning advocacy, said the block association is: "If you want to put a sticker on your car, or flying the flag to accompany your home or business, that up with them. But the state should not associate with racist lips. "

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