Cook County defies government on immigration

Chicago (AP) - Emissions of more than 40 suspected illegal immigrants detained in Cook County with the crime is added to fuel the controversial debate about public safety and the challenges for local government from the White House directed the program to pursue more criminal deportation.

The program is based on police and sheriff's deputies to detain suspected illegal immigrants were arrested beyond the time that would otherwise be exempt. However, about the Chicago County Commissioners recently adopted a new law that orders the sheriff to ignore all requests to delay the federal immigrants after they complete their sentence or released on bail later.

Other areas, like San Francisco, took similar measures, part of the reaction to the Obama administration, which many say is unfair to try to act immigrants charged with traffic violations and other minor offenses other. However, new regulations Cook County is the first to prohibit the sheriff holding the suspects and those accused of criminal violations of the law.

"It puts the population at risk, and this is my officers put at risk," said Rod Craig, Mayor of Hanover Park in suburban Chicago, is angered by the release of three suspected illegal immigrants charged of assaulting two police officers and try to get one of their weapons.

Detention of foreigners should be given to federal agents when choosing the suspect and begin the deportation process. But one by one, local governments are complaining about the Safe Communities program, which allows immigration officers access to fingerprints collected in prison. They say costs too much money and the practice is unfair to immigrants, especially those accused of minor offenses only as theft, traffic violations or drunk driving.

In some countries withdrawing from the program. In Illinois, for example, the governor. Pat Quinn said the government is not cooperating. Governor of New York also suspended its participation. And in San Francisco, the sheriff refused to accept demands arrest of Immigration and Customs Enforcement of illegal immigrants charged with minor offenses.

Cook County, which is largely a Democrat and has experienced rapid growth in its Latino population, members of the Commission on the same side of this issue has captured the anger and fear that is expressed more in the Chicago area.

"What we do is correct the injustice against people on the floor of Cook County, under the protection of U. S. Constitution, "said Commissioner Larry Suffredin, a Democrat who supports the measure.

Why, asked Jesus Garcia, the commissioner who sponsored legislation, should be treated differently from immigrants from anyone arrested?

"By refusing to postpone the people deserve their freedom, which is only on request from the (Immigration officers) who defend our system of justice ...", said in a statement.

Another commissioner said that the council is putting people at risk - and risk the storm of negative publicity if someone released a crime of violence.

Less than a month after the board action, more than 40 suspected illegal immigrants accused or convicted of serious crimes instead of walking to freedom in the arms of federal agents, according to sheriff's department.

"This is our Willie Horton Cook County," said Commissioner Timothy Schneider, a Republican who voted against it. He was referring to a murderer who was released as part of a Massachusetts prison break and then raped her. If used with devastating effect in 1988, when George HW Bush's presidential campaign said his opponent, Michael Dukakis, with the support of the program when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Schneider and others say that all ordinances are doing is wasting an opportunity to keep dangerous offenders off the road. Immigration authorities agree that increases the risk of a known dangerous offender is released.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is quite calm. When it became clear that the council would exceed their recommended personal, DART representatives said nothing but promise that the sheriff's department will enforce the regulations, despite repeated efforts by the County board members for him to do.

"If you want a more comprehensive manner to all free apart from criminal charges they were only away from the conversation," said DART spokesman Steve Patterson.

The judge can always ask an illegal immigrant - or any other suspects were detained on bail so high that people can not afford. So most of the 280 people who are under the control of the federal request would not work. However, some can not find enough money to go.

The possibility and the fact that some of those who came had failed to show in court, assistance by immigrant rights activists, the sheriff and others are waiting to see if the council fails to act.

"I think the whole world watching to see how to play politics," said Arturo Venegas Jr., a former police chief of Sacramento, California., And immigration consultant who until recently served on the panel review the federal government's efforts to find illegal immigrants.

In California in Santa Clara County, officials are ready to go through the same procedure, when one day before their meeting, they found that the Cook County to try first. They decided to wait.

If Cook County triggering adoption regulations similar legislation to be seen.

In the Obama administration has taken steps to relax the controversial program. Earlier this month, announced that agents arrested nearly 3,000 criminals from deportation, emphasizing that all the prisoners at least half the criminal convictions and have a criminal conviction. Eighty-seven of those arrested were from Illinois.

Meanwhile, at least one other jurisdiction that is similar laws in Cook County is reversed in the interest of public safety. San Miguel County, New Mexico detention is very limited applications received. Today honor each and every.

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