After Labor Day: OK to Wear White?

By Zap

Of course that the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to change colour, the question: wardrobe white be kept with the swimsuit and Sun hats?

Traditionally, in North-Eastern dress clear: summer white and released after a day of remembrance and walked away after the working day. Remember the fashion historian kosgravi Bronwyn growing up, "this was a short season wearing white".

But at the time of Lady Gaga nothing appear (we seek you dress meat) and to remove a closet of the end of the summer crisis came "Don't white dress after labour day" increased 2000% in search, yahoo search also Fashionistas! "Why can ช็อร์ you wear white after Labor Day" "and no white after Labor Day" in the last week.

The issue released on the Web site. Fashion forums were contradictory. Retail site blogger Micromania warned that white should not be consumed "below size" after a day's work.

Others suggested that white shoes (though LaJollaMom approved worn shoes Manolo Blahnik white with Neiman Marcus, if stomach the price tag of $ 1,695.)

As we get stuck in this rut supporters? The curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Kevin Jones, says that it all started with America's high society, who dressed for the season-the social season.

Summer "If this is you, you're in your home country," explained Jones. A popular choice, white cotton clothing, reflects the light and in a cool place. Jones adds, "when the season ended, change their clothes."back to the city to fall, women who wore long skirts for city streets dirty, change their cabinets in a heavier, darker.

Nice way of life, if part of it. But for the rest of us and the world of fashion, changed time–and this rule really implements doesn't. Also the "Emily Post etiquette Book 2004, issue 17″ it says well white after labor day to wear.

I still do not know? Let Colleen Shire, Director of the older fashion for Saks Fifth Avenue, it offers a few tips. With offices in New York assured shoppers "are really not policy. It allows only the appearance of "should."Translation: "go to, not what you wear, it is like to wear: Shire suggests winterizing white jeans after years of shoes, no sandals, Jacket instead of the waist.

«This is the way you put together it makes appearance work year round, "he added. Great magazine is promoting more look at the "winter white" in the colder months, including a suit and a fur coat in the shade Nevada.

I think kosgravi, fashion, fashion is in fact later "white. "It supports white" eternal "" wear.Sisonls: it therefore highlights the amazing white gown worn by first lady Michelle Obama to inaugural balls in 2009. "Oscar winner Marion Cotillard rocked dress white siren when she accepted her Oscar.

But don ' t or a movie star has to be a first lady to break down the white line. "Everything that can break the dominance of black, in my view, bring it on," Cosgrave says.

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