Favre on Rodgers: ‘He fell into a good situation’

It is expected that after Brett Favre (notes) get back a little to release the game contest last Saturday at Southern Miss, may have some opportunities in radio experience. That must happen, and Favre went to the Atlanta area 790 stations recently to discuss a number of factors, including the team when the Green Bay Packers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the name (note).

Now, if you look at Rodgers this year, you know that you're playing midfield on how well he played. If you do not pay attention, recently founded by you. And a good quarterback, Favre was asked, you wonder that Rodgers led the Packers win the Super Bowl XLV, Rodgers gave the same number of Super Bowl rings as Favre (and, I must say, another super Bowl MVP award that the old number 4)?

Favre is a typical response from people. Passive-aggressive, a series of compliments to a group of hidden needle is inserted, and an uncanny ability to always bring the topic back around.

"I will be honest, I was surprised. The biggest surprise to me that he was before. Years ago I was in Green Bay before the first game, I made the observation that it's probably the most talented team I've ever played. And of course everyone looked up and was like, 'this guy out of the chair. "

"We are very, very young, I took a lot of Halo and the youngest team in the league, but I could see the talent in all areas of the extraordinary and the type of weather we are finally to be reflection. it. We were close, and I think many people surprised, but people rather quickly. Aaron has a chance to ... Although in recent years seems almost rookie, who has been around a while. And I think he saw, learned, and then, when he has a chance to play, he brings a skill that obviously is good or not have drafted him in the first round. He has a tremendous talent who is very bright and have the opportunity to observe and look at successful teams get it right.

"And he just sort of fell into a state of mind. In addition, he is a good player. I do not think there is pressure on him now, the talent around him even better than when I was there. So I'm actually a little surprised it took so long. In the first period of last year, simply click on yet and I do not know if just a little thought when they came in their way, they will be hard to beat. And that's what happened. "

I can understand the desire to protect its own heritage Favre in Green Bay (although they do everything possible in the tank after the fact in his time in New York and Minnesota after the first "retired" his Packers) but the element of sour grapes in a statement that just does not feel good . On the one hand, reminds me of the tension that developed between Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in the 1930 New York Yankees, when Ruth realizes that their own ability began to diminish and Gehrig would a monster player. Gehrig was not as Ruth, and fell into a good situation (hey, that beats playing for the St. Louis Browns), but also held together the Yankees Gehrig Ruth and DiMaggio in the same way Rodgers helped the Packers to go from good to very good in time with the team to pursue Favre.

The simple fact is that Rodgers is playing a position in a way that it can not have Favre - ruthless efficiency that Favre has been rare. It was not a strong and close to Favre, look daring of his work was one reason he is one of the most successful NFL quarterback of all time. But it is also true that Favre should be seen both in the form of classification Rodgers is a former team - or, it is possible that Favre gets a second look and that Rodgers did not want to fly so near the sun.

After all, Donald Driver (note), Greg Jennings (note), James Starks (note), Jermichael Finley (notes) and Jordy Nelson (records) are all talented players, but Rodgers is the only person that a violation has Hall of Fame one way now. And it could very easily argue that a better offensive line with his career Favre Rodgers - at least for now.

Bar just a little attempt to make Favre the best quarterback in the NFL is (in my opinion, and I'm here) is less than what it is, just because he runs the ball and Favre here, and more accurate throwing Favre was never alone.

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