Virginity Forger Can Allergy Risk

Beginning in October, the media busy talking about the hymen fake products. Tool called Artificial Virginity Hymen (AVH) was produced by China and serves companies fooled into thinking that pairs women who wear them are still virgins.

In Indonesia too, a tool forger has been rampant virginity circulation. Even so, its circulation is likely closed.

Judging from the health side, Dr. Anita Gunawan from Pondok Indah Hospital stated that the use of artificial hymen did not cause significant harmful risks for women who wear and who became a couple.

But Anita reminded that the use of this tool is likely to cause allergies or even infections.

"Tools like this are not harmful. The only risk of allergic reaction or infection if the wearer's skin is sensitive plus the pairing is not clean," said Anita.

But he argues, further risks may lurk the wearer because of its use are not under the supervision of a doctor.

"Like using a contact lens, this tool is simply placed on Hymen and not to enter into the inside. But when its use is not hygienic and cause allergies, this usage could also endanger the health of female sex organs," said Anita.

Anita also expressed his opinion about the use of this tool. According fine if people want to use it, but it means sacrificing moral values for the couple trick.

Also Anita also mentioned that virginity is not always determined whether or not bleed during the first woman to have sex. Because the level of elasticity of Hymen on every woman is different. So sometimes the elastic Hymen will not be until the bleeding during a relationship.

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