New Breakthrough to Grow Breasts

The team doctor in Australia discovered a revolutionary way of operating that allows her to grow more of their breasts after breast cancer surgery.

Phillip Marzella and her team from Melbourne's Bernard O'Brien Institute has done this experiment in pigs. They claim the experiments carried out successfully and they plan to immediately apply it to women patients in a few months ahead.

"We hope this research can have a significant impact on world health," Marzella said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

This technique provides new hope for thousands of women with breast cancer who have lost their most beautiful parts of the body after breast surgery.

While breast reconstruction technique is often used today is still far from perfect and leave the defects caused by surgery.

This new method can create a new breast that looks natural look and feel like real breasts. More importantly, the breakthrough found Marzella and her team help reduce scarring.

At the moment applied to humans, the team doctor will insert the object shaped like a 'bowl' bra under the breast skin of patients. It contains approximately 5 ml of stem cells taken from fat patients.

Blood vessels of the lower part of the patient's arm will deliver oxygen and nutrients into the bowl.

In a few months, the equivalent of stem cells as 'equipment' to repair the damage the body will turn into fat cells and developed to meet the bowl to form a new breast.

Patients will then undergo a second operation to remove the bowl, so that later there had grown breasts. In pigs, the whole process takes six weeks. The research team estimated that this process can last for eight months when applied to humans.

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