After being rejected in Indonesia, fact Miyabi Famous in Taiwan

Although rejected his arrival in Indonesia, the player porn movies from Japan, Maria Ozawa called Miyabi actually prevail in Taiwan.

A garment companies from Taiwan, Outer Space, as a model holding a T-shirt Miyabi 'limited edition' displaying pictures porn actresses 23 year old.

As the page loaded Malaysian Mirror, Sunday, October 25, 2009 in the shirt, Miyabi posing naked. Cowboy style, Miyabi up one rocket in Outer Space comic books.

Photo exciting Miyabi sensor has two marks on the upper and lower body.

Miyabi, which began to be porn actresses since 2005, not a new figure in Taiwan. He once starred in a horror movie and has also become a magazine cover model FHM Taiwan in May.

Previously, Miyabi reap controversy in Indonesia related to film production plans in the country.

Miyabi will support the film "Kidnapping Miyabi 'Maxima Picture production.

This film tells three students who are obsessed with porn star from Japan. All three students had wanted to kidnap Miyabi when they know the artist is located in Jakarta.

Filming 'Kidnapping Miyabi' will be implemented in Indonesia and at home in Japan Miyabi. The plan of this film will be aired on 31 December.

Miyabi plans to come to Indonesia on October 14, but failed because of widespread protests refused Miyabi arrival.

However, the rejection of the artist-Canadian of Japanese descent was actually trigger an increase in demand for pirated copies of Miyabi.


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