Dull shine Up Your Eyes With Simple Tips eye makeup!

Just imagine a situation where you get ready for the most awaited day in your life. You wear the most beautiful dress, a pair of shoes that fit, bringing a classy bag, put in some strange perfumes, and given a final touch to your makeup, and you just glance at himself in the mirror. You look perfect, but still there is something missing, what is the secret of your conversation with yourself for this reality. If only a small eye you can see the colorful and fueled up, nothing can stop you from looking like a maid and a diva of all time. However, it is really possible? Yes, it is! Read below to find some eye makeup tips are really good, which can bring a bit of your eyes and give a final touch to complete your look that you want. 

• eye makeup just about improvisation. You need a good eyeliner, mascara, foundation primer and two colors of your creative skills. However, make sure you do not go overboard with your creativity. 

• Make sure the base mesh in accordance with the color of your skin. You can choose to use a power or liquid-based foundation that matches your skin tone. 

• Start applying foundation to your eyelids. 

• If the foundation is applied evenly, taking eye shadow that matches the color of your dress. However, this does not mean that if your dress is made of bright yellow, orange etc, you end up applying eye shadow the same color. This may turn out to be a big mistake makeup. In this case, choose soft colors to match any color dress. • If you want a natural look, choose shades of olive green and brown. 

• However, if the stand is the mantra for the evening, choose shades of charcoal black and red. 

• Select the "black eyeliner" because it is the safest bet for all. Mark eyeliner both under and above the eyelid. 

• If you want to give a striking look in your eyes, opt for a liquid eyeliner. 

• Always apply mascara to the final stage of the process of eye makeup. 

• Mascara should always be applied to many and will never fade off. 

• You can opt for black or clear mascara. Although, black is the most preferred shade.Follow simple eye makeup tips and witnessed the miracle of your sexy eyes draw the attention of people around you.

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