Black Hair Styles: threading

One technique hairstyle I have not seen for ages threading. I'm not sure how wide spread these days but used to often seen in the West Africa.Essentially hair cut different pieces and yarn wound around, along the length of each section provides you with a woven yarn. For some reason the most popular thread used is black 'Made in China' cotton yarn though sometimes you will find that used a rubber thread woven lecturing effect.Let shiny 's About how threaded webbing created a little more detail: Stylists will get 4-6 packet (packet amount depending on hair thickness and length) of the thread, hold them together end together and then proceed to wind around the big toe and a group of his hand to create a multi-strand yarn loop. The circle is then cut to provide a large number of single strands because length.

Using 4 or 5 strands of yarn at a time he would later begin to make a webbing. Sufficient skills, expert threads wind around very still with great precision. This webbing is usually done without gaps do not see woven throughout the hair. Sometimes even the remaining gap or you might even have a needle interspersed with braided hair.It is possible to integrate the hair pieces so that each thread woven thicker and / or more than it would be without them. When the crowd reached the end of the webbing is tied and disrupt any more threads. You will end up with a head full of woven threaded rigid sticking out of your head, then bent over and join them together in a variety of artistic forms: The webbing can: Wikipedia bend around the head Turned pack together to give the effect of crown Wound around the pen or other rolling device to create curls with braid Tied down to give effect 

Bantu knot And much more effectsCompared braid, style threading can be resolved very quickly but you have to be careful that the stylist did not make it too tight or you will have a few sleepless nights can not put your head Comfortable! with dyed hair can last for 2 weeks or more, when you cancel your webbing see your hair straight and smooth on the bottom, because it is a way to straighten your hair after it has been washed. Threading is used to be popular with all ages, although it is now, everyone wears weave and wig, seems to see most of the girls school. But hopefully, with articles like this, we can get more women wearing elegant creations threaded their heads.

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