Order invoices in MYOB

MYOB allows users to first create the Sales Order Invoice can then be converted into sales down the track when the requirements are achieved. It works well and allows tracking of where you currently have the stock, but not without its small business clients issues.A importing clothing in Australia has become a problem yesterday that I thought it is worth showing to other unsuspecting MYOB he user.

When Sales Orders received from customers (new stock arrives) as he entered the Order in MYOB. It then sat under the Sales Order to date list of goods sent out customer.Because and there may be several orders to pack and ship the container hit the coast, customer invoices can be printed Before heading to the barn "Invoice" when it was still Order MYOB. This happens if there is a problem with the item code which does not allow the command to convert it to an invoice, or he just forgot to go in and change them before submitting the order, the "Order" not never be actually physically convert the "Invoice". The effect of this is that the funds received as a deposit in order, and will appear in your bank account no problem, but profits were never recorded in the P & L, no GST is met, if the customer does not paying off the initial invoice then there is no record of the debtor to follow up and stocks are not adjusted to admit that he has left the barn into customer.Wow, what mess.

The important thing to keep in mind to prevent them from happening is to always make sure that you have entered a Purchase Order as per customer's bill BEFORE invoice order. Make sure the item code that you use in the Purchase Order is accurate and matches the same used in the Sales Invoice and finally, observe the Bestseller List, ensure that only one command shows there are people today who are placed by the Customers who have not yet been fulfilled.On a side note, when the order date in the previous accounting period (ie date of September and the date is now November) will record with preexisting cardiac date. This will affect the rate of the quarter you want to file for BAS, and change your management reports can not rely on commissions, bonuses and decision-making purposes.

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