Do You Really Know Who are you taking?

Why would any employer hire someone today without making a complete background check '. 89% of people who lie on their resume, with good business sense to do a criminal background check, employment verification and education verification. More than 90% of the students admitted that they would cheat to get job.Resume employer fraud worth thousands of dollars because of the time spent on procurement, training and providing benefits to applicants. This alarming statistic fraud, one would think that every employer will filter their job applicants. 

Most employers but does not conduct background checks, so the question is why not '. I would suspect that the employers do not want to spend the money or time to filter their applicants. For less than thirty dollars per job applicants and less than ten minutes of their time, the employer can have peace of mind knowing that a new employee is getting an excellent investment decision. Managing a business is difficult enough without having to face a fair employees.Veritas removed former CFO because he lied on his resume, claiming he has a Stanford MBA. Lonchar is the latest in a long list of high profile resume "padders." George O'Leary, was hired as head coach for the Notre Dame football team in 2001, I got the ax when it was discovered he had never played football for his alma mater, the University of New Hampshire - though his resume he said. He later admitted that the master's degree is also false. Ouch. 

Resume padding, of course, is not just limited to pseudo-degrees. Jeffrey Papows became chairman of Lotus, a subsidiary of IBM at $ 1400000000. Then it turned out that he was a compulsive consists of facts about his life, including a Ph.D. and a black belt. Troops Quincy, California former poet laureate, who is respected in the California artist and academic communities - until his lies about his college background exposed.Resume Facts: 89 percent of all resumes are misleading. 9 percent of job seekers claimed fake degrees. 30 percent show altered employment dates 20 percent state fraudulent degrees Most resumes have 2 errors. Lie could come back to haunt you. Of the 100 resumes, a whopping 75 percent of them expressed lies Ben Franklin stated "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" is a nationwide provider of background checks and employment checks.

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