Do You Have What it Takes to be a Protection Expert - Part One

So, you want to be an escort and do not know where to start. What are some requirements to work as an escort? There are some obvious answers to these questions, but it does not mean you will be eligible to become a bodyguard. To give an example, do you want to be an opera singer. Have a high school diploma, you have to take some singing lessons, you learned to read music, sight-read a song, maybe even play an instrument, you are ambitious, cooperative, get along to also includes others have completed college-level course in music theory. 
Even with all this preparation, it does not mean you are a professional opera singer.Whether want to be a plumber, lawyer, or a computer programmer, just a certificate of completion will never guarantee you a job in your chosen career field regardless of how expensive the school attended unity. The same applies if you want to be a bodyguard, more properly called Protection Specialist. You do not always get a job in this field just because you graduated from school.This Sentry is a list of terms that will help you get the job you want, however. For a Protection Specialist must: The total peak physical condition. 
This means that people with heart conditions, high blood pressure, are very overweight or other conditions that prevent you from doing strenuous physical activity is interrupted Protection Specialist will not be considered for position. 20/20-corrected have vision. Contact lenses are better than glass, but not necessarily a deterrent profession. Be between the ages of 21 and 55. Age is not always a factor because the more important factor is the physical condition and experience. Have a mature attitude. Having the ability to quickly assess the situation so that you can give the correct answer. Not be moody or overly aggressive or hostile or slow to respond when a crisis arises. Having the ability to perform under hazardous and adverse conditions. Can a full charge in emergencies or other dangerous situations. Fully committed to work to become a successful executive protection specialist. Have a high capacity to practice and the ability to defend yourself and your clients. 
Having knowledge about the disarming techniques and defensive strategy that will allow you to protect yourself and your clients well in situations of armed and unarmed. Able to subdue and control the guilty law enforcement may be notified and arrived on the scene. Practice your skills to continuously improve the physical condition and the ability to use a weapon of defense. Learn hand-to-hand combat skills and military base. In addition to the above skills, Executive Protection Specialist should be able to: Defensive tactics Driving skills Communication skills Weapons used First aid and CPR Not only should you have these skills, they must be practiced until they are second nature and instinctive. It is not only important for the protection of clients, but for the Protection of trust Specialist. Heavy trust goes a long way in helping Protection specializes in making the right decision quickly.CJF Security [] offers a comprehensive training program that will help you get started in your career as a Protection Specialist or Executive Protection Specialist

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