Charlie Rose conversation with ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson

First, what is the effect of the death of Venezuela's Chavez oil? Their charter calls for it to hold elections within 30 days. Until we see the results of the election, it's hard to say what the immediate effect, and whether his successor will be chosen to continue its programs. When he took over, he narrowed the scope of the international oil companies, changing the contract, and invited us to accept a new contract or leave the country. I received an invitation to leave. We were in and out of Venezuela before, so this is something that we keep our eyes on. When you think of U.S. policy, is mind.This Keystone pipeline is a project four years in the regulatory process, more than 100 public meetings. Today is the environmental impact statement prepared both [said] there will be no measurable damage to the environment. This is an important example of the struggle that we have laws in this country. This process is based on lengthy and reopening. Why are environmental groups such as the Keystone priority? There is a segment of environmental groups are very concerned about the burning of fossil energy providers. In such a stupid way, they take the view that if they can prevent the transport of crude oil from Canada to the United States, then throw obstacles in the path of future development. I think maybe they misjudged Canada completed. Where do you stand on the carbon tax? At some point that policymakers will get around to dealing with an additional climate policies around how to encourage certain behaviors. There are various models, the cap-and-trade, Europe trying now with not much success. If you are going to do with the features of the policy, a carbon tax is more direct. It is simple to manage, and does not leave himself open for more games. How many of us think the burning of fossil energy providers? When the coal comes into the picture, it took about 50 or 60 years replacing wood. After crude oil was found, and it took 60, 70 years, and natural gas. So it takes 100 years or more for some new breakthroughs in energy being the dominant source. Most people have trouble coming to grips with the sheer magnitude of energy consumption. If we look at our energy outlook, with things such as renewable wind, solar, biofuels, we have the resources for the next 30 years to grow 700-800 percent. But in 2040, they will give you 1 percent. So far, then, is the solution to our energy problems fracking? I hate to hang the hat, but transformational. As Americans become energy independent? We talked about it as North America, as Canada and the United States, and even to a lesser extent Mexico, are highly integrated. We estimate that by 2020, the net imports, we find neutral. If it's Alaska or offshore or wherever possible, your philosophy "drill, baby, drill!"? My philosophy is not to make money. If I can track and make money, then that's what I want to do. For us, it's about making a quality investment for our shareholders. And it is not a qualified investment if you can not manage the risk around. How to check what is happening with the BP (BP) in the Gulf? There are a number of skills ... about drilling a well is not what I called industry standards. We do not drill the wells drilled in an efficient manner. But there are lessons to be learned for all? We studied very carefully. Why have they not made clear their desire. But clearly it can be avoided. What lessons can be learned from the Exxon Valdez? There are many. There is a breakdown in leadership on board. There regulator damage management, and Coast Guard in some respects. Response errors, delays can be reduced impact. Events that ... have a huge impact on company reputation and employee elsewhere. As they say, you can spend a lifetime building a reputation, and you can lose in a single day. And that must happen for the Exxon Valdez Corp possible. All our people are aware now. Charlie Rose watching TV Bloomberg on weeknights at 8 pm and 10 pm ET.

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