Nuclear Engineering Exhibition Centre Darchem show

Launched A TEESSIDE engineering company for the Exhibition Center of Nuclear preparing to work in this sector. Lord Hutton of Furness, the former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, cut the ribbon for the new facility Engineering Darchem, hoping the boss will show craft growing companies in the nuclear market. Stillington company setting sights on the entry of new contracts from the UK power generation fleet. Recently won first nuclear contract in 20 years, which will help accelerate plans for a major £ 8m factory site in Stillington, the creation of 100 jobs. The new contract, ACKtiv Nuclear, these 20 highly skilled jobs in manufacturing alone. Work in the first wave of new reactors, to replace the current aging fleet in the UK, announced by the Government last year. The first plant is expected to be completed by 2019 at the earliest. Darchem Engineering depart from nuclear market after the mid-1990s when the program ended Sizewell B and work began to shrink. Shift the focus in aerospace, marine and oil and gas sector, while the remaining major supplier of fire protection products for nuclear projects worldwide insulation. Managing director Darchem Engineering, Graham Payne, said: "The challenge we have when entering new markets demonstrates the ability of our customers, but not to bring it to the floor of the factory which is something that is really life and production. "The exhibition center enables us to show our full fabrication capabilities and isolation in nuclear market. "It shows our ancestors nuclear work in the past 40 years, not only civil but also military contracts contract." Darchem Engineering has become one of the few suppliers of the UK recognized by the energy conglomerate Areva key and also part of the Nuclear Skills Academy.

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