Reinvention 101: 5 Lessons From Robert Downey, Jr.

Note-break the success of the opening of The Avengers, which sold more than $ 200 million in tickets for theaters in the United States and approximately $ 640 million businesses around the world during the opening weekend, is further evidence of the wonderful truth: Robert Downey, Jr. policy not only Hollywood, but he presents the change is more impressive than General Motors.

Consider this: Since 2008, nine movies featuring 47 years old actor earned more than $ 1.5 billion in the U.S. alone, and his name on the marquee is probably the surest guarantee of box-office smash. That period is impressive, especially since not too long ago - 2001, exactly - "? Whatever happened to ... "That Downey seems destined to become fodder for supermarket tabloid article. Drug addiction and erratic behavior earned him a stay in prison and lead producer David E. Kelley to dismiss him from what appeared to be his last chance to raise the role of his career, in favor of the hit TV series Ally McBeal. The Downey sunk so low that despite great talent, he almost hired.

But then. Now, Robert Downey, Jr. is a company, he led the Dow Jones index. It's not just that he revived his career, he is actually much bigger than he is at the top of the path of the young star 20 years ago, when he received an Oscar nomination for best actor in the critically acclaimed box office Chaplin failure. Downey makes self reinvention as an excellent case study of someone who is trying a second round of middle-aged - if you are an entrepreneur starting a new business, or someone who is struggling with 40 or more to overcome past mistakes.

Here are five of the Downey-esque lessons that can help you re-own Mount.

A. Focus on getting ahead one step at a time. If you need to conquer the demons within themselves or escape from a poor improvement in your life, Downey experienced in late 1990 and early 2000's, or just trying to find a new passion in life, you are more likely to get there by the patient slowly of a large, sweeping dramatic gesture. Note that the re Downey, from under a rock-superstar, take a good seven years of struggle, in which he had worked long and hard to prove his commitment to sobriety and regain credibility as a professional. As he explains in the Esquire interview, "I found a way out of the woods by the trail is smooth and fine bread crumbs."

2. Do not be too proud to accept help. Downey seems even after the drug addiction in check, manufacturers are reluctant to hire him because insurance companies do not like the possibility that it will flake off and not after the movie. That when Mel Gibson, an actor who has had a troubled life lately but flying high in 2003, Gibson stepped in, with Downey co-starred in the 1990 film Air America, offered to put up the bond insurers of Downey, allowing him to a major role in the film song Detective 2003. Downey not only work as promised, but also turned into a great performance - proving to Hollywood that he still has the chops to be a star. If he is too proud to accept the generosity of Gibson, who knows what happened to him?

3. Believe that in the end, your talents will allow people to not ignore your past mistakes. The critical point of a career comeback Downey is Iron Man, the blockbuster 2008 that firmly established him as a marquee attraction. But in many ways, Downey is not possible choice for the role of costumed superhero, even one alter-ego is playboy industrialist Tony Stark. Not only is he recovering from a television with spectacular dark side, but as an actor, he spent most of his career playing off-center, the irony is bathed in a supporting role. But as director Jon Favreau explains this GQ article, Downey's acting skills that made him ignore the negative, and the director worked hard to persuade Marvel Comics - the characters are owned and dead set against Downey - he is the man for that role. "Here the forces of nature, which I think living in frustration that he did not really show what is good, because nobody wants to jump and say, 'is this person able to take my film. 'Nobody wants to jump in the pool. I. "

4. It's never too late to develop self-discipline. Such as television, Downey is despair about his inability to stay away from drugs he actually said a judge in 1999 that "It's like I have a gun in my mouth, my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of gun metal," according to the story ABC News of the time. However, the actor has managed to stay sober since 2003. In Men specs Journal article, he developed the discipline to do it mostly by taking Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art that emphasizes close at hand to hand combat, and requires extreme focus and inner calm. "Wing Chun teaches you what to focus on, if you're here or in the world in the face of trouble," said Downey. "It's second nature to me now. I did not even get to the point where the problem of "He's very committed to art that he took lessons three to five times a week, sometimes bringing his instructor on the set when he was shot. film.

5. Do not be afraid to play in groups. It's easy to think of the success - or safety - as an individual effort. But one of the reasons The Avengers - which brings together the magic to the pantheon of icons costumed Captain America to Spider-Man - getting very positive reviews from critics is that Downey resist the temptation to take more than the movie. Instead, it is discipline - and confidence - to hold and in accordance with the vision of director Joss Whedon, where Tony Stark goes snarky comments are the glue that held together the action sequences. As the Paste magazine critic Michael Burgin writes: "Thanks in large part to Downey, Jr., snark-forming machine is turned on, the friction between the hero actually makes sense" Similarly, if you can find a way to utilize your talents and match with other strivers team - even if it means that the trade riffs rather than be led soloista - you can have a better chance of success in the second half.

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