Oil rig workers make nearly $100,000 a year

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It can be dangerous, difficult work, but the oil drillers are also paid for the work: In 2011 the average salary for rig workers and other personnel in the industry is $ 99,175.

This amount includes the salaries for highly skilled fat, such as $ 235,586 for "consulting drilling" and $ 139,868 in "reservoir engineer", according to Rigzone, a provider of industry information that comprise the numbers.

But even for someone with experience of less than a year the average wage is $ 66,923.

A roustabout, one of the lowest rig worker performing general maintenance and physical labor and require little prior training, making $ 34,680 - the average wage for all American workers.

High wages are driven by the surge in demand for drilling industry experts became increasingly technical and drilling boom in the United States, Brazil and elsewhere. Plus, many are retired drillers - a phenomenon known in the industry as the "major change of personnel" is only expected to accelerate over the next decade.

"They are desperate," said Michael Durney, an executive at Dice Holdings, the parent company of Rigzone. "The industry is beginning to look beyond the core to fill the position."

American oil boom - at a cost

And where they are looking for? Anywhere.

Durney said for those with few skills who wants a shot at the outfit, one strategy is to move to a country that is currently seeing a boom in production of oil and gas and get a job in logistics - driving a truck carrying supplies for the outfit.

The truck driver could pay $ 20 an hour or more, and from there it's easy to meet people in the outfit.

With a little planning will be easier to get a job in rig soon. Some trade schools offer classes in oil field work, and the military to offer training for those who come armed forces that can lead directly to work as a roustabout in the outfit.

When you are in outfit, the company itself usually provides in-depth training program where the roustabouts may move up fairy quickly. "Rotary Drill Operator" makes $ 58,540, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the rig foreman makes $ 193,306, according to Rigzone.

For College-Bound, petroleum engineering, geology, engineering, or just plain is a great place of learning that can lead to useful work outfit.

A "mud engineer" an average $ 108,032 a year, according to Rigzone, while a submarine engineer making $ 133,453.

Demand for college educated workers continues to increase rig. Rice University in Houston, a job posting for oil and gas industry rose 14% from a year earlier.

"This year we have a fair race, and really we need to tell companies that they do not attend," says Nicole Van Den Heuvel, director of university career centers. "We do not have enough space."

Van Den Heuvel offers familiar advice to students looking for work in the oil industry: Apply for an internship, take advantage of university career centers, and online networks areas such as LinkedIn or people in industry trade shows.

Although non-scientific types can get in on the action.

"They still need people who can write in communications, human resources," he said.

In fact, the office work may be the way to go for some. Rig life difficult. For hours at a remote location combined with little to do with the time to make the industry that many do not stay on for my entire career, Durney said.

Difficult conditions is one reason why internet job search site CareerCast oil rig workers rank as one of the worst profession in 2012 - behind the reporter.

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