Donald Trump’s sons criticized after brutal hunting photos released

Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump has angered PETA after emerging picture that shows the brothers on a journey of wild game in Zimbabwe last year.

TMZ first photos of the trip, entitled "Children of Donald Trump More killings to provoke a war animal." While hunting trip, the children allegedly killed a number of Trump It's an exotic animal, including elephants, crocodile, kudu, sable and antelope.

The pictures were criticized by animal rights organization PETA, said in a statement to the Hollywood Life:

"Like all animals, elephant, buffalo and crocodiles deserve better than to die and unload in a horrific picture of two young millionaires. If a young person looking for an emotional victory, perhaps you should consider skydiving, bungee jumping, or even included in the footsteps of his father on hunting and removal of non-competing companies wildlife. If you want to help beat the villagers, there are resources available. "

Trump quickly to defend their children, told TMZ: "My children love hunting. They are the hunters and it's even better. I know that all they do is right 100% in the hunt "However, Trump is also quick to point out that he did not share in the sport, said:" I do not believe in hunting and you surprised me. "

In one of the most controversial, Donald Jr. and smiled wide holding elephants in their hands cut off. He defended his actions on his Twitter account, simply said he was taking part in local customs.

The Trump Jr. are actively defending their actions to their followers 120,000, with the receipt of some controversy with readers. In the update, Trump Jr. writes: "I apologize to serve the community, when I did nothing wrong. It is for me to sell. "

And to answer criticism from PETA, wrote, "can be made known to the prophet that is not credible and did not."

Trump two children is an important part of his father's real estate empire. With his sister Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric are both executive vice presidents to serve on the Trump Organization, working directly with real estate. Trump Jr. also served as an ambassador for the operation smile, while Eric Trump has started his own Eric Trump Foundation to benefit St. Jude. Both children also serves as an advisor on the hit TV show from his father, "Beginner".

In a joint statement given by the Trump brothers, who defended his actions and said that all meat was killed in a hunting expedition they were donated to the local community:

"We are both passionate outdoorsmen and grew up hunting and fishing in our grandfather, who taught us that nothing should be taken for granted or wasted. We are very respectful of nature and always pursued, in accordance with the laws and regulations. "

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