What to expect from Apple’s iPad 3

When Apple pulled the curtain on the iPad 2 to indicate a stronger, more agile, but not so different from the replacement of the original tablet, rumors immediately began spinning on what the company can plan for the next slate. Now as we approach the first anniversary of the launch of two IPAD, the outlook for 3 iPad inevitably become more evident. Several reliable sources to explain what the new star of Apple as, and if even half of them have proven legitimate, this is a real pleasure. Join us as he ran through the list before iPhone 3 features and trying to hash out what's real and what is left for future releases.

Dazzling display

Before iPad 2 officially paraded for the first time, many industry insiders have promised that we would completely new, high resolution touch-screen equivalent of the iPhone 4 (and now 4S) Retina screen. But when the dust has settled, the screen remains the same as the original device. The iPad is now 1024 x 768 pixel multi-touch interface is still pleasing to the eye, but to actually sell the adult and the current owner of Adults 2 in a new Apple tablet is likely to statistics for the next level .

Not surprisingly, many sources claim that the views and even a new tablet will take a sharper screen resolution and higher on the road. Bloomberg confidence knowing even claimed that the pixel density is sufficient to make the screen look like printed paper.

Specific information on what the final resolution will remain a mystery, but the backward compatibility of the largest developers of applications without too much frustration, Apple simply can double its current size up to 2048 x 1536. This will provide a new tablet ability to play content from Netflix and Hulu with a higher resolution than the tablets of the competition, clearly bring more amazing looks with new applications and games.

Able to assign

IPAD 2 is a great step forward from the original in terms of graphics power and performance. Apple A5 processor, which allows applications and games more beautiful and faster response when you touch the screen. The same chip finally found its way into the iPhone 4S, which helps support new features such as Siri Virtual Assistant. However, if we do not believe that the iPad 3 shows an increase in the resolution of the screen - and can also support Apple's new features, such as Siri was born - the company certainly want more power.

Usually reliable industry sources technology Boy Genius Report website provides images and specifications without notice tablets to demonstrate a new chip - Apple A6 - will debut on 3 iPad. A6 was reported to have features quad-core technology, which is a big step from the A5 dual-core chips are used today. Including larger amounts of memory, which allow the iPad 3 provides an answer to the high resolution screen and is consistent with the usual round of Apple's chip development.

3G or 4G?

Apple has made clear it would not be willing to support LTE 4G technology to full confidence in the ability of technology to enhance the experience. 4S 4G iPhone is not compatible with the full because most people know this, but three iPad can break that barrier for the first time.

Litany of sources - including people who claimed to be in Japan, which are given in support of 4G to a new list, and partners Apple and AT & T and Verizon million of spending to bolster their 4G networks, it seems likely that 3 iPad advantage. This faster network connection is also important for the transmission of higher resolution video and mobile content without having to wait for buffering annoying it can interfere with the 3G tablet.

New look sexy

Of all the rumors circulating about 3 iPad, one of the least likely to change the overall look of the device. Apple cut a good amount of original iPad tablet two designs, and elegant, it seems almost certain to remain the same for the next generation.

Apple mobile devices typically receive at least a big improvement, but still in the same form factor - iPhone 3G with 3G and 4 in the 4S perfect example. IPad 3 is likely to fall in line with the updated schedule and more emphasis on the features and capabilities in design changes, although anything is possible.

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