Skip Schumaker’s new baseball card features the rally squirrel … but not Skip Schumaker

Well, that's not entirely true. The bottom pants Skip Schumaker is actually quite visible in the 2012 Topps baseball card set a series of launch on Wednesday.

But most real estate boards is one of the squirrel cross the road rally Schumaker Roy Oswalt pitch delivered during the fifth inning of Game 4 of AIDS last October. In the following weeks, I remind you that the demonstration of squirrel became a sensation as Schumaker and rose to the title of Cardinal baseball World Series is not possible.

Now l'il creatures somehow big enough to push Schumaker almost entirely out of his own baseball card. According to Topps, this is the first time in company history that the player does not have the players' faces.

The company also said it was looking a bit more hidden memorabilia Schumaker, so that we can only guess what I think I played a secondary role for the squirrels in his own baseball card. But you can take comfort in the fact that some cards will face Schumaker. According to Beckett, squirrels appeared only in a variation of a "short form" of the card, so the squirrel version of a valuable find for collectors out there.

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