Retirement Savings: Will $4 Million Be Enough?

I hope that saving of $ 4,000,000 by the time I retire in 30 years. Sounds like a lot of money, but how many are in dollars today? - Brian

It seems as if $ 4 million should be enough to fund a comfortable retirement 30 years from now. But you are entitled to assume that it would not be enough.

A major issue is the future of the purchasing power of the dollar on the dollar today. Most people are not accustomed to thinking of money in real, or inflation-organized, terms. They use a calculator, plug in the amount they plan to invest for the next 10, 20 or 30 years, throw in the rate of return (often very high) and came away with six or seven digit nest egg large projects that they think they will show you made in the shade in retirement.

But psychologists and behavioral economists are familiar with our tendency to exaggerate the value of future dollars. They even have a name for this phenomenon: the illusion of money.

Four million dollars does not sound like a lot of money - and it will remain even 30 years from now. But it is not worth anything close to $ 4 million today.

Unless we are sustained over a period of deflation, the inflation will erode the purchasing power of the future value, citing the great economic thinkers of the Yogi Berra, "is a nickel is not worth a dime today. "

Though inflation is relatively modest 2% a year, $ 4 million over 30 years is the purchasing power of $ 2.2 million today. And if inflation heats up to an annual rate of 4%, $ 4 million over 30 years is the equivalent of about $ 1.2 million today. Feed mostly chicken, but far from the $ 4 million.

If you want to see what each number in the future is worth now at a different rate of inflation, check the current value calculator.

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Another important issue is our tendency to see the purpose of accumulating retirement planning as a single large amount. The best example of this way of looking at retirement is too often heard phrase, "What's your number?"

Better to focus on annual pension income you will need a rather large lump sum. Yes, they are estimates, but revenue is something more easily translated into a lifestyle. In addition, a large number may give a false impression of how good for you, because it can produce almost as much annual income throughout retirement as you think.

For example, using the 4% rule, common metrics to convert assets into income with a high possibility that takes at least 30 years, $ 4,000,000 nest egg will generate approximately $ 160,000 to annual retirement income.

That was in 2042 dollars, however. In terms of purchasing power, the $ 160,000 is the equivalent of about $ 88,000 now, assume inflation of 2% over the next 30 years, or about $ 49,000, 4% inflation. Still a significant number, but they do not think that feeling after pressing the jackpot of $ 4,000,000 not.

Another issue that goes to the heart of retirement planning - how do you know how to save enough to give yourself a realistic shot at a secure retirement?

You expect socked away $ 4,000,000 when you retire in 30 years. But what this number represent? Is the amount that you have a project that is based on how much you save and what to expect to get your investment? Is the amount you think you will need to maintain pre-retirement lifestyle?

Difficult to get accurate adjustments on how much you should save for retirement do not begin for several decades. There are many unknowns - how much do you earn in the future, what kind of lifestyle will lead the next 30 years, how long you live.

May not be able to save as much as you can imagine because of layoffs or higher than the estimated cost of living. Your investment may not get what you expect. You can be forced to stop earlier than you would with health problems or "rightsizing" in the workplace. No one can predict how things will shake out in the next 10 years, let alone the next 30. By going with a tool like our Retirement Planner or T. Retirement Income Calculator Rowe Price, you can make some reasonable assumptions about how much you need to stop, how much should you save and how you should invest. From here, you can get a sense of possibility to achieve a secure retirement.

Suppose you place. Life and financial markets are too unpredictable. But updating your information and conclusions by looking at the actual experience and training to do this again every two years will help monitor your progress. You can make adjustments to the amount you save, invest or how your planned retirement age. By making some small improvements in recent years, you will reduce the possibility of having to make dramatic changes on the eve of retirement.

Instead of wondering what it would be worth $ 4 million in 30 years, I suggest you focus on getting a realistic idea of ​​how much you should save and how you should invest for a comfortable retirement - but many years from now that may be and however good nest egg you'll eventually need.

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  1. Why everyone is after the amount? Save as much as one can for after retirement life.