How to Get a $106,000 College Education for Free

How do you go to a private liberal arts college that will provide a full tuition scholarship for four-year journey? Sounds crazy? In fact, I'm serious.

Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, is giving up the school for all students who enroll in the next three years.

Many useful free? The amount of free quotas for this year is $ 26,500. Scholarships, based on that price, so it's worth at least $ 106,000 grants each.

Some students applying for financial aid are available at a price higher than the rest. If you qualify, you can get to pass the cost of board and lodging or pay a reduced price. Antioch Room and board is now $ 8,628.

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Why so generous?

Clearly, there was a university to offer free tutoring for all students. However, the explanation of generosity.

Antioch to explore the cemetery. Antioch College, which was originally founded by slavery in 1850, closed in 2008 after years of decline. Terrible management decisions, among others, led to the closure, but the great financial support from committed alumni, who were surprised at the closing, which led to the Renaissance.

Antioquia has accepted 35 students for its inaugural class in 2011 new students, and we hope to welcome 65 other 75 students in the fall. School purposes is about 300 students attend the school in 2015.

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"We are a newly established institution with many 160-year history," said Cezar Mesquita, dean of Antioquia input and financial assistance. The universities want to invest in hard work, committed students, "which could help restart this great institution."

Antioquia has been known by the cooperative work program and restore the tradition. All students will have many opportunities to work for four years with them, local experience, national and international levels. At this point, the school has 12 areas of concentration increased environmental and health sciences in language and social sciences.

Academic profile of students at Antioch

Inaugural class, which comes from countries all over the country, with an average weighted high school GPA of 3.56 and the average score of 27, which is roughly equivalent to 1,250 on the SAT.

If you are a high school, there is still time to apply! The deadline for Antioch February 15.

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