British Censors Ban Dakota Fanning’s ‘Provocative’ Ad

Dakota Fanning is one of the kids become teenagers young actors have managed to avoid the tabloid headlines, but 17 years of semi-scandalous Marc Jacobs ads only forbade the English coast.

Although they are running in print since June of this, the Advertising Standards Authority United Kingdom self image simply considered "sexually provocative" and "irresponsible," says the ad was "likely to cause a serious crime "Fanning because she is a minor, reported The Guardian.

American eyes accustomed to flow under the age of the stars dance pole and paced with a substance that female students may find the ads - showing fanning in a polka dot dress holding a flesh-colored flowers, Perfume peak between the two legs - a relatively pleasant. However, the ASA make a convincing argument that U.S. sensors may want to record.

"We understand that the model 17 years old, but thought I saw under the age of 16 years," he reasoned non-governmental organizations. "Therefore, with their appearance, it is assumed ad can look sexy for a child."

Thus, although certainly fanning act much older than his age (both in film and real life, because he was attending NYU), show that he looked much younger than most children his age.

Of course, you can not help matters that her own perfume called "Oh, Grandma!" That brings to mind a similar theme controversial novel "Lolita." Although each unit sell the output of artificial flowers in bottle neck, that association does not favor the defense either.

However, it is worth noting that when a celebrity in question is small in fact 15 years, shared a screen kiss with Stewart after 19 years of Kristen - and R-rated "Runaways" movie is not the extent of British dead eyes, only people under 17 years.

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