Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren spar over nude photo shoots

It took five minutes to shoot nude Republican Senator. Scott Brown in 1982 for Cosmopolitan magazine to talk about in the Massachusetts Senate race.

In a debate sponsored by the Boston Herald and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell Tuesday, Democratic Senate candidate panelists to discuss their own college experiences, in light of the late Senator colorful modeling. "To help pay for education in law school, Scott Brown pose for Cosmo. How to pay your college education "are asked to all candidates during the phase of the" lightning round "questions.

Democratic Leader Elizabeth Warren is the first response: "I can keep my clothes on," he said, evoking laughter and praise from the audience. ". Hiram my money, "Warren added that they also had student loans and part-time work - and that the" combination "to keep the bills paid.

But Brown will not let go Unless response. On the radio Thursday at WZLX, the host asked him what he thought about Warren's decision will remain clothed during the college years. Brown said two words: "Thank God."

And so a new round of attacks and counterattacks fly on Thursday.

"Comment of the senator. Brown type of thing one expects to hear at a frat house, not a race for the U. S. Senate, "said Clare Kelly, executive director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party said in a statement widely circulated. "Comments Scott Brown would send a terrible message that women are made even in the highest prices can laugh fired by his appearance."

Brown campaign, Jim Barnett wrote in an email to The Boston Globe that "it is elitist contempt by Professor Warren Scott Brown took the decision to wear to school and over the circumstances of his life. Scott has fought and scratched for everything they have. "

Warren is not the only candidate debate Tuesday, Alan Khazei social entrepreneur, who also competes for the Democratic nomination, said his wife and daughter were in the audience before insisting that "certainly does not see me posing for Cosmo. "

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