The night of Herman Cain’s “9-9-9 Plan”

There is a winner of the presidential debate Tuesday from the Republican Party, which is based on simple measures of name recognition. "9-9-9" Herman Cain Business Plan

Almost all candidates debate at the table has something to say about Cain's plan to change the tax code with three levels of consumption of nine per cent of federal business taxes, and profits. Cain, once assigned to the wing away from the debate stage, has enjoyed a surge in the polls since winning the polls in Orlando, Fla., last month, and the first debate since joining the former governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney and Governor of Texas. Rick Perry at the top level, Cain and policy proposals for longer than the discussion of the ideas floated by the other candidates.

Of course, this does not mean that any of them praised the idea of ​​Cain. Probably not. In fact, all of which have the opportunity to take photos plan.

Former Governor of Utah. Hunter is reduced to a "catchy phrase" and joined with former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania said that it never became law.

Former governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney stated that the 9-9-9 scheme will be "enough" to solve the country's problems.

"Herman, I've got my life experience to deal with some issues," Romney said when he asked if Cain's name every 59 points in its economic plan. "And I must admit that the simple answer is always very helpful, but often not enough."

Minnesota Rep.. Michele Bachmann, even making a joke referring to the sign of Satan in the Book of Revelation.

"Open your reverse 9-9-9 plan, and the devil in the details", referring to the number "666" - mark of the beast described in Revelation.

However, none of his enemies have been able to stop the repetition of the line fabrics throughout the night. There may be provisions that candidates who spend their time discussing the proposal of Cain, the moderator takes an integrated clip and fabrics are touting a few weeks ago and asked all candidates to provide comments. Again. They do this, and "9-9-9 plan" received a new dose of airtime.

It is as if the candidate never mentioned the words - "9-9-9" - a little stronger fabrics.

This marketing scheme, however, does not expire without renewal.

Independent analysis showed Cain plans do not generate enough revenue to support the most basic functions of government. When asked about it, only Cain rejected the premise and repeat the "9-9-9" field.

"The problem in this study is that it is wrong," Cain said with disgust.

If you want to stay at the top level, you need to build something better than that. As a lesser known candidate who only received very little opportunity to talk with a debate before, you may say little about it, plan to continue the 9-9-9 and moderators. However, this platform was won by landing on top will be forced to expand their ideas and even get a new one.

But at least for tonight, everyone talks about the 9-9-9 plan, but Cain will not ask for a better gift than his opponents.

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